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    Ugra/Fogra Light Indicator (50 Strips)

    • Ugra Light Indicator (50 Strips)

      The colors of modern digital proofs depend very strongly on the light source used (metamerism). It is therefore important that proofs are always assessed under a standard light of D50 (5000 K). If a light source with an incorrect color temperature is used, the colors of the proof shift and an assessment is meaningless. With the Ugra Light Indicator it can be easily detected whether the light source corresponds to standard illumination and whether an assessment is valid.


      The Ugra Light Indicator is used for the visual checking of the color temperature of illuminations for color assessments. For this purpose, the Ugra Light Indicator is attached to the margin of a proof, where it signals whether the illumination used emits the standard color temperature of 5000 K or not.

      If a standard color temperature of 5000 K is used, the patches of the Ugra Light Indicator appear in the same green color. If the color temperature differs from 5000 K, the patches of the Ugra Light Indicator show different colors.


      The 75 mm x 15 mm indicator strips have a non-permanent adhesive on the reverse side. This means that they can be attached to the margins of proofs, prints, or other objects which have to be viewed under a standard illumination of 5000 K.


      Ugra Light Indicator Strips Demo

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    C Boisvert
    Ugra/Fogra Light Indicator

    These work great for checking that your lighting is at 5000k. Check out was easy and shipping was fast.