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    HP Indigo EPM Preflight Solution

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    • Hp Indigo EPM Preflight Solution

      What's included?

      • Switch Core Engine - Needed to operate Switch, a software that automate many repetitive tasks and workflows
      • Configurator Module - Automate your workflow for third party application
      • HP Indigo EPM Kit - Automates inspection and routing of files for EPM print production
      • PitStop Server - download PDF files from FTP servers or receive them through email
      • PitStop Pro - automate inspections and corrections in PDF files
      • 1 Year Maintenance - 1 year maintenance on all the products that are included in the bundle


      Why HP Indigo EPM Preflight Solution?

      Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM) uses advanced color management techniques on suitable jobs to reduce the number of colors required for printing. This significantly increases press speed, ensurse faster turnaround and lower production cost. With the HP Indigo EPM Kit , users don't have to print off a CMYK and CMY versions of the job to visually inspect and determine whether it is suitable for EPM printing. The EMP Kit will inspect and route files for EPM print production automatically. This tremendously eliminates the time, trouble and resources on sorting print ready PDF files to EPM or non-EPM hot folders.

      What are the advantages?

      • Since only cyan, magenta and yellow inks are used, printers can print faster by 33%
      • Automation of workflows and EPM printing inspections reduce cost and increase profit
      • Increases the breakeven point for digital vs. offset printing
      • Able to transfer more jobs in the conversion from analog printing to digital printing

      How does it work?

      Five main inspection points are automatically checked to verify the suitability:

      • Spot Colors- identifies spot colors against a list of reachable colors
      • Ink Coverage- checks the ink coverage percentage along the page
      • Font-Size and Line Thickness- measures the font size along with fine lines between original and EPM file
      • Color Differences- Checks for amount of black used in the job and Chroma (gray level)
      how emp works

      What modules are recommended?

      Modules of Switch

      Powered By Smart Automation

      Switch Configurator

      Automate your workflow for third party application using Switch Configurator. Complete the following tasks with ease:

      1. Merge, control and automate third-party applications in a single workflow automation system
      2. Choose third party applications to suit your needs
      3. Integrate third party applications using anyone of these features: Hotfolders, Command Line Interface and Switch Scripting Module
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      Switch Database

      Use Switch Database to seamlessly integrate your database and automate communication between your database and Switch. Using Database module establish easy and fast communication path between any database and Switch. Some of the advantages include:

      • Allows users to utilize job information from Management Information System (MIS) to any SQL query result as a factor in Switch workflows
      • Send critical job information back to your MIS to improve business by automating decisions for preflight, processing, delivery or archival, based on existing job or customer information
      • Able to view dynamic contents using SwitchClient and Enfocus Connect ALL form the database
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      Switch Metadata

      Enhance your workflow intelligence by using the Switch Metadata Module, which is metadata management tool. You can carry out the following tasks with easy and finesse:

      • Use XML, JDF or XMP job tickets from your database
      • Job ticket information can be picked from a job entry front-end
      • Never lose touch with your clients, as you can accumulate and share information both with operator and customers
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      Switch Scripting

      Use Switch Scripting module to customize your workflow as per your needs. Save time by using custom developed scripts in Visual Basic, Java or Apple Script. Make the most of the SwitchScripter application to develop and debug scripts.

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      Switch Client

      Submit jobs and data, interact, route jobs and connect remotely with 5 SwitchClients simultaneously using Switch Client, eliminating the task of tracking your jobs or interacting with the workflow.

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      Switch Web Services Module

      Enable any web browser to become the front-end to your Web-to-Print portal with Switch Web Services Module. Just use the Add SwitchClient functionality and interact with jobs right from your website.

      • Customers can work and submit safely within switch from the comfort of your website
      • Your website can be integrated with free PHP sample code and documentation to improve its functionality
      • This module allows users to Interact with third party applications such as Connect YOU or Connect ALL
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      Switch Performance

      Switch Performance module boosts up the processing capabilities drastically. It allowss user to work on infinite amount of cocurrent processes, while normally the core engine offers only 4 cocurrent processes.

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