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    GTI GLE-532 Symmetrical Overhead Luminaire

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    • GTI GLE-532 Overhead Luminaire

      Graphiclite luminaires can provide a more economical solution for standardized viewing in areas where use of a color viewing station is not possible. The Graphiclite Luminaires utilize Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamps, aluminized high efficiency reflectors, and spectrally neutral non-yellowing diffusers providing a precisely balanced D5000 output. The attractive GTI GLE series is deal for conference rooms and design studios.


      Graphiclite luminaires are a key element of a proper standard viewing system and when installed correctly will ensure compliance to the industry standard.


      symmetrical luminaire

      Digital Dimming Option

      GTI viewing systems with the digital dimming feature are designed to assure consistent color appearance throughout the reproduction process and to help you implement a soft proofing solution.

      iQ Soft Proofing System

      Accurate Soft Proofing requires precise visual comparisons between your computer monitor and your proof or print. An iQ enabled viewing system takes the question out of your luminance match and replaces it with repeatable accuracy based on a specially designed light sensor, the iQ.


      GTI iQ soft proofing system

      Lite Guard II

      The LiteGuard II is a solid-state monitor/memory system that records the accumulated period of lamp usage, automatically indicating when the lamps have exceeded 2200 hours and the effective color life (2500 hours). The instrument also provides a (timed) warm-up that indicates whether or not the viewer has achieved equilibrium and a color-stable condition. The LiteGuard II may be added to all GLE Luminaires.


      LiteGuard II

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