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    X-Rite Judge QC Light Booth with Single Daylight

    Daylight Source
    Fluorescent Source
    Other Light Sources

    • X-Rite Judge QC (Single Daylight)

      Get Desired Outcomes

      The Judge QC gives you the ability to detect metamerism, or colors that match under one light but not another, with the flexabliblity of five different light sources. Using the Judge QC, quality control professionals in the plastics and fabrics industries will be able to accurately evaluate incoming materials, samples and final products for color consistency and physical defects

      X-Rite Judge QC Single Daylight Lamps Layout

      5 Light Sources of Your Choosing

      With 5 light sources the Judge QC helps users evaluate standard to samples and batch-to-batch color variation.

      • Daylight Source: D50 or D65
      • Fluorescent Source: TL84 or U35 or U30
      • Other Light Source: CWF or LED L840 or LED L850
      • Illuminant A and UV equipped by default

      Stay Up To Date With LED

      LED bulbs now account for about 65% of the consumer lamp market, according to 2018 data from The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). Many retailers have made the switch to LED bulbs to reap the benefits of lower maintenance and repair costs, less energy consumption, and longer lifespan. If your customers are switching, you should consider adding an LED source to your light booth to support them.

      X-Rite LED Lamps provide excellent color rendering using the same hybrid technology as the LED-BH1 CIE illuminant. Since there is not an official LED lighting standard for color matching that maps directly to available LED lamps on the market today, they are best utilized as an additional light source to gauge how the product may appear in an environment illuminated by a similar LED source.

      Judge QC Built Quality

      Built to Last

      The metal construction with a powder-coated surface is built for longevity.

      X-Rite Judge QC Viewing Colors of Different Materials

      Detect colors of different materials

      Judge QC gives plastics and fabrics companies a way to better simulate and evaluate colors under a range of lighting conditions.

      Easy Installation

      Easy installation of replacement lamps by users themselves or by an X-Rite technician.

      X-Rite Judge QC Lamp Status

      Service Indicator

      Users will have full confidence in knowing that Judge QC lamps are functioning correctly and consistently with its convenient lamp service indicator.

      Pre-Certified Lamp Packs

      Optional pre-certified lamp packs that include a calibration certification which can be easily installed. Users can also contact an X-Rite technician for assistance.

      X-Rite Judge QC In Use


      Judge QC users will obtain: Consistent fluorescent illumination that complies with major international standards such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, ANSI and BSI visual assessment requirements.

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