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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color

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    Fundamentals of Print Color Management - In Person - 2 DAYS

    • Fundamentals of Print Color Management
      - 2 Days (6hrs each day) IN PERSON Class -

      Learn the fundamentals of print color management and basic color theory in two short days.

      This course is structured to get you and your team up to speed on things you should know but maybe don't in printing. We cover a lot in two days starting with how color perception affects your success or failure, all the way through to the elements of consistent print production facility.

      Online Class 1
      Online Class 2
      Online Class 3

      What you will learn:

      • How do we precieve color? What affects our success?
      • What variables affect print color constancy?
      • How do we communicate color variance? Basic color terminology.
      • What are you trying to match?
      • Gain an understanding of of what ICC profiles are and why they matter color printing
      • Can you accuratly soft-proof color on today's monitors
      • Prepare design files to print correctly
      • Matching customer samples and named spot colors (PMS) in RIP
      • Different methods linearizing, or calibrating, a printing device
      • How spectrophotometers work and why there are different kinds.
      • What is G7 neutral gray calibration and is it useful for your shop
      • Inside tips of black generation and ICC settings to yield superior results
      • Software for viewing ICC profile gamuts and quality control
      • Verify color against industry standards like GRACoL or SWOP
      • Review North American print standards and specifications


      Hands-on with hardware and software


      • Barbieri LFP qb Spectrophotometer
      • X-Rite i1iSis
      • X-Rite i1 Pro 3
      • Variable Spectro 1


      • Caldera VisualRIP
      • Onyx RIPCenter
      • EFI
      • Plus more...

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