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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color


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    • VisualRIP+ Version 17

      VisualRIP+ is a comprehensive Print&Cut software package designed for visual communication applications. With its sophisticated features and intuitive user interface, VisualRIP+ simplifies complex, multi-device workflows, making large-format printing and print-to-cut production more effective for growing printing businesses. It unifies the entire workflow from prepress to print and cut tasks, ensuring reliable color reproduction and reducing job preparation and production time.

      New Version 17 Features

      Exclusive CalderaCare features

      Smart Import
      Smart Import

      Save time & avoid manual errors with metadata SmartImport automatically extracts metadata from the filename to automate job submission. Examples of metadata: number of copies targeted printer presets height width scale


      The latest version of the best PDF engine ensures you always print the rendering expected by the designer. Benefit from more performance and consistency to manage extended color gamuts, varnish and foils, and print accurate brand colors.

      The comprehensive workflow solution for large-format production

      Cost Optimization (CostProof included in Pro Package)

      VisualRIP+ includes the necessary tools to help you make the best use of your resources. Reduce your ink and media consumption while maintaining the quality of your jobs and gain time while acquiring a better insight of your operation

      Cut Workflow

      VisualRIP+ integrates an advanced cut module for a complete production workflow. Whether you use contour or XY devices, Caldera supports the best industry’s cutters.

      Intuitive GUI

      VisualRIP comes with an intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop interactions to facilitate the workflow management.

      Color Management

      Achieve perfect colors across multiple devices and substrates with Caldera’s unrivaled ICC color calibration engine and spot color matching.

      Multi-device Print & Cut

      Fully scalable, VisualRIP+ can drive your fleet of Print & Cut peripherals for a streamlined workflow.

      New OS Support and Drivers

      Compatible with more than 1,600 devices from major manufacturers, Caldera is a comprehensive solution that can be integrated in any wide-format Print & Cut production environment. Check whether your printers & cutters are supported by the Caldera solutions.

      30 New Drivers
      More than 30 new print & cut drivers included in the V16 ISO

      Compared to the previous major version, CalderaRIP V17 includes more than 30 new drivers:

      • +24 new printer models supported

      • +6 new cutter models supported

      Sonoma OS
      Official support of macOS Sonoma

      Still supported:

      • macOS Big Sur, Monterey, and Ventura
      • Linux Ubuntu 22.04
      • Linux Debian 10 Buster

      Why Visual RIP+?

      Print&Cut software package built for Visual Communication applications
      • Unifies workflow from prepress to print & cut tasks
      • Ensures reliable color reproduction
      • Reduces job preparation and production time
      • Saves media and ink

      Unify your Production
      • One single platform to control your production, updates and configurations
      • Better throughput and color homogeneity
      • One update for all your machines
      • Reduced training time

      Attain Color Consistency across your output
      • Calibrate your devices and ink us
      • Download color profiles for free from our online library
      • Create your own ICC profiles
      • Access to popular spot color libraries (Pantone, RAL, HKS, ...)

      Improve your margins and monitor your costs
      • Save an average of 25% on your ink consumption
      • Avoid media waste by nesting true shape
      • Monitor ink and media usage and cost
      • Gain time by automating repetitive tasks

      Integrate your cut process
      • Manage multiple contours in one file
      • Generate a file for each individual job
      • Automatically set up cut mark
      • Special bleed tools for canvas and lettering

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