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    Just Normlicht


    Just Normlicht DLS (LED) Wall Illuminator

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    • Just Normlicht DLS (LED) Wall Illuminator

      The Just Normlicht LED Wall Illuminator provides the large-format coverage of wall illumination but with the practicality and flexibility of it being within a floor-standing self-contained unit. The uniform illumination spanning a width of 190cm and full height drop of 210cm will accommodate the largest of single jobs or multiple smaller format prints.


      Switch between D50 and D65 ISO viewing standards and UV content can be controlled to accommodate FOGRA39 and FOGRA51/52 compliance. Functionality includes a dimmer switch for intensity control and synchronisation with monitors for soft proofing.


      • A self-contained, floor-standing wall illuminator
      • Switchable light: D50 and D65 according to ISO 3664 and ISO 3668
      • Dimming and USB connection for soft proofing applications
      • 20x longer operating life compared to fluorescent lamps (> 50.000 h)
      • No colour shifts while dimming
      • Unmatched light distribution uniformity

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