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    GTI CVX-3052 Floor Stand Light Booth

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    • GTI CVX-3052/FS Light Booth

      In the dark about the right viewing station for you? GTI has a lavish array of D50 stations that make accuracy and consistency easy: the CVX-3052 29 x 52" Viewing Station, with state-of-the-art electronic ballasts, also has Graphiclite T8 fluorescent lamps and Munsell N8/gray surround to give you even light, improved rear wall illumination, and reduced glare. The LiteGuard II LED keeps you constantly updated about lamp warm-up, lamp hours, and remaining lamp life. Removable side walls, a metal table top, a rolling floor stand with shelves (height adjustable at set-up), and casters are included. A variety of storage options are available. If that wasn't enough, this booth is also ISO compliant.


      • 29" x 52" Viewing Station
      • ISO 3664:2009 compliance
      • D50 light quality
      • Graphiclite 100 lamps
      • LiteGuard II usage monitor
      • Horizontal and vertical viewing positions
      • Spectrally neutral, non-yellowing diffusers
      • Munsell N8/ Gray surround
      • Built-in print bar
      • Removable side walls
      • Multiple light sources – optional
      • 1-year limited warranty

      Lighting Options

      • One light quality - D50 or D65
      • Two light qualities - D50 & D65 (or other)
      • Three light qualities - D50, CWF, & Incandescent A (or other)

      Stands, Cabinets, and Drawers

      Parts Images

      TS-3052: Table Stand for CVX-& EVS-3052, raises the unit by 8"


      1F-3052: One Deep File Drawer for CVX-& EVS-3052, raises the unit by 8"


      2F-3052: Two Shallow File Drawers for CVX-& EVS-3052, raises the unit by 8"


      FS-3052: Floor Stand for CVX & EVS-3052, height adjustable, with casters


      SC-3052: Two Door Storage Cabinet for CVX & EVS-3052, requires TS, 1F, or 2F


      FD-3052: Flat File Set of 8 Drawers for CVX-& EVS-3052, requires TS, 1F, or 2F


      LiteGuard II

      All units include the LiteGuard II, which displays lamp warm up, lamp hours, and remaining lamp life. The CVX comes complete with side walls (removable) and D50 light source quality. The attractive design of the CVX makes it a versatile viewer, compatible with either an office/conference room setting or a production/pressroom work area.

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