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    Beta Industries Beta Opa-Dens Hand Held Ink Opacity Meter

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    • Beta Opa-Dens Hand Held Ink Opacity Meter

      The quality of color graphics printed on clear film is highly dependent upon the white ink background. The white background enhances the chroma of colors, improves the readability of bar codes or QR codes and helps meet target color specifications. Color ink quality specifications are widely understood and measured with industry-standardized instruments and techniques.

      White Ink Opacity Measurement

      White ink specifications require different instruments and techniques in order to obtain accurate and actionable measurements. The quality of the white ink layer can be measured by two criteria:

      • The opacity or hiding-power of the white ink layer
      • The homogeneity or smoothness of the white ink layer

      The OPADENS measures the opacity in relation to a white reference (100% opacity) and a black reference (100% transparent equal to 0% opacity)

      white ink opacity

      A black surface absorbs all light such that no light will be reflected and reach the sensor ofthe device. The white surface reflects all light and all light reaches the sensor of the device.Placing a transparent film sample with white ink onto the black background, some light will gothrough the film and be absorbed by the black background. Some light will be reflected bythe white ink layer and reach the sensor of the device. The amount of reflected light is theopacity if the white ink film.

      Color Ink Opacity Measurement

      The usefulness of Opacity measurement is not limited to white ink used as a background for color graphics. Many perishable products must be protected from ambient light in order to preserve their freshness and quality. In this case the graphics also serve as a functional barrier layer. The effectiveness of the ink film can also be measured using the Opacity method. When the opacity of two different colors need to be compared, for example a red color and a gray color, then the white reference is no longer the best choice for the 100% reference.

      color ink opacity

      The black reference for 100% transparency works for both white and color samples. Thecolor sample on top of the white reference is used as opaque reference to check the opacityof color samples. Picture above shows that the blue and red spectral bands of the emitted light arereflected by the magenta ink film or the white background such as all blue and red lightcomponents will reach the sensor of the device. The green spectral bands will pass themagenta ink film and be reflected by the white background or they will be absorbed by themagenta ink film. Measuring this will store the spectral behavior of the sample in the device.

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