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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color

    Onyx Graphic


    Onyx TruFit

    • Onyx TruFit

      Double Sided Printing

      Onyx TruFit Artificial Intelligence searches millions of combinations to achieve optimal media utilization.

      • Easily create optimized shape-based nests
      • Automatic cut-path and tool-type recognition from design files
      • Eliminate excess white space and crop layouts on multi-page PDFs
      • Real-time savings data on media utilization during nest creation
      • Intuitive tools bring speed and simplicity to the most complex nested layouts

      Savings and ROI

      Printing an average of 2 rolls of vinyl per week, data shows ONYX TruFit provides a return on investment from media savings in less than 3 months. Save valuable print production time and maximize mediausage with shape-based nesting. Easily create complex nested layouts and reduce media usage by up to 50%.

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      Onyx TruFit MSRP $1995.00
      Roll of vinyl $180.00
      Media Savings 47.8%
      ROI 24 rolls of media

      Eliminate Costly Software Changes

      Using open architecture, Onyx TruFit is designed to work seamlessly across platforms.

      With minimal effort, print service providers can:

      • Optimize their existing workflows
      • Start saving money without changingRIP software
      • Use ONYX TruFit without purchasingnew computer hardware

      VIDEO: Onyx TruFit

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