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    callas pdfToolbox Server 13 with 1 Year SMA

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    • callas pdfToolbox Server 13

      pdfToolbox Server gives all aspects of working with PDFs a massive boost with a greatly extended feature set for a diversity of user's needs. It offers powerful, dynamic and easy to integrate PDF processing, from quick visual inspection and fixing to fully unattended processing of thousands of files. Using reliable Adobe technology, pdfToolbox provides checking and fixing of even very complex problems, color management, impositioning, conversion to and from PDF, and more. pdfToolbox technology is used by small companies, large publishers and print providers as well as OEMs that integrate the technology in their own solution.

      What is new in pdfToolbox 13

      The new release is focused on adding new options for process plans and improvements on the UI. This enables higher levels of automation, thus improving user efficiency and productivity when working with pdfToolbox.

      • Improvements

        The page selector and split scheme improvements in version 13 increases the flexibility of determining which pages to process and which pages not to process using split scheme expressions. Starting for pdfToolbox 13 the layer names are indexed when PDF files with identical layer names are Merged, Imposed or Place content.

      • QuickFix

        Version 13 now has two QuickFixes to reorder pages: Reorder pages, Invert pages order.

      • Images

        Resample to JPEG2000 action in Version 13 can be used to resample images to JPEG2000 in a Process Plan to compress images often to a smaller size with relatively good quality. Methods like Average, Bicubic, Lanczos and BlackmanSinc are available for Upsampling and Downsampling images are added to version 13.

      • Processing steps

        V13 makes it possible to split a PDF to files based on Processing Steps Layer assigning it to the OCCD set. Each OCCD set will be split to a single PDF file. Further, pdfToolbox implements a processing steps checks and identification during automated workflow. For instance V15 is capable to implement checks for presence, checks for conflicts, identify layers with specific processing types, identify custom processing steps and specify if checks are executed or not.

      • Place Content

        V13 introduces the “Place individual text per page” process plan in the library "Shapes, Variables, JavaScript, Place content".

      • Features

        callas pdfToolbox Desktop Screenshot


        • Full support for all ISO PDF standards: PDF/X, PDF/A, PDF/VT and PDF/E
        • Full support for specifications from industry associations such as the Ghent Workgroup and PDF/X-Ready
        • Create an unlimited amount of jobs (watched folders)
        • Use jobs to perform preflight (using a profile or process plan) or perform automated PDF actions
        • Setup pdfToolbox Server with a dispatcher or satellite license for load-balancing across several machines
        • Integrate into Enfocus Switch and laidback solutions FileTrain
        • Reporting of problems through different types of predefined PDF reports
        • Integrated fixes allows quickest handling of PDF documents
        • Many instant fixes for common PDF problems
        • Fix broken documents by re-distilling (generating PostScript and distilling back into PDF) or by rasterizing each page
        • Decide on the fly whether checks or fixes need to be run for a specific document
        • Add printer marks based on the trim and bleed-box
        • Convert PDF documents using ICC profiles; wizard takes the guessing out of the job
        • Modify individual spot colors in a PDF document


        One-Stop-Shop for PDF Docs

        • Support for all PDF standards, both from international standard organizations and from national user associations
        • Covers quality control, result reporting, PDF fixing and many other PDF manipulations (generating PDF from office files, conversion from and to PostScript and EPS, imposition and much more)


        • Create an unlimited amount of jobs (watched folders)
        • Configure jobs from any machine on the network
        • Track server processing across the network using pdfToolbox Desktop
        • Handle problem files in pdfToolbox Desktop using checkpoints, seamlessly integrating error handling for problems files in an automated workflows with pdfToolbox Server
        • Run pdfToolbox Server on physical hardware or in many virtual environments
        • Provide instant load-balancing with pdfToolbox Dispatcher and Satellite
        • Works together with Enfocus Switch or Laidback FileTrain for further automation needs

        Quality and Reliability

        • Uses the same PDF preflight engine as Adobe Acrobat
        • Builds on the Adobe PDF Library for PDF file processing, transparency flattening, PostScript / EPS support and more

        Reduce PDF-related Costs

        • Detect errors early with industry standard quality control, fully supporting PDF standards and specifications and used by major companies such as Adobe and Quark
        • Fix common PDF problems automatically to improve turn-around and increase the relationship with clients
        • Use electronic signatures to protect PDF documents and track errors throughout the workflow
        • Repurpose PDF documents when workflow needs or customer needs change

        Fully Automated Processing

        pdfToolbox Server allows processing PDF documents in a fully automated mode. Any number of processing jobs can be configured. Each job is configured with an input folder that is monitored constantly by pdfToolbox Server; as soon as new files appear they are picked up and processed according to the configuration of the job. If errors are detected, the processed files are dropped into an error output folder, if everything is successful, they move to a success output folder.

        pdfToolbox Server is even capable of integrating the manual and automatic parts of a workflow; need to have someone check on error files to decide whether they are really a production problem or to fix them? No problem, pdfToolbox Server can automatically hold problem files in a checkpoint. pdfToolbox Desktop operators then get a list of problem files and can check them out to their workstation to inspect or correct. After inspection the file (or a modified version) can be sent to the success or error folder and continue in the workflow.

        Do you have more tasks to automate around quality control or fixing PDF documents? pdfToolbox Server seamlessly integrates into automation solutions such as Enfocus Switch and Laidback FileTrain; get and send files to FTP servers, send notification emails, connect to databases, work with XML files and much, much more suddenly becomes possible.

        Report and Correct

        Each job in pdfToolbox Server can be configured using a preflight profile; these profiles allow fully automated quality control but can just as easily also fix common PDF problems. Through its standard profiles, pdfToolbox Server supports a wide range of preflight standards.

        • All ISO PDF standards: PDF/X, PDF/A, PDF/E and PDF/VT
        • All Ghent Workgroup market-segment specific specifications

        Growing With Your Workflow

        Because pdfToolbox Server is fully multi-processor aware, it can handle many different tasks in parallel; up to 8 files can be processed simultaneously with the standard product license. The unlimited version of pdfToolbox Server is even only limited by the power of the computer server it is installed on. When you get to the point where you want to distribute workload across multiple systems, pdfToolbox Server is ready for that as well. pdfToolbox Server can easily be upgraded to a pdfToolbox Dispatcher license; preserving all job configuration that was done already. This dispatcher now works together with one or more pdfToolbox Satellites; running on the same or different machines in the network, they allow workload distribution and return their results to the dispatcher.

        Load Distribution Diagram

        Dynamic Preflighting

        For years, pdfToolbox Server has had the ability to include variables in preflight profiles. This allows preflight checking and conversion to dynamically change based on the processed PDF file or its associated metadata, which is of great value in more complex preflight workflows. Now pdfToolbox also includes process plans, which brings conditional processing to preflight workflows.

        The pdfToolbox preflight profile’s support for variables allows to dynamically change the properties of preflight checks and fixes in a profile. In workflows where only some parameters change often (for example when checking sizes of incoming advertisements), this can be used to dramatically reduce complexity. The same technology also allows switching specific checks or fixes on or off while processing files.

        Process plans define a number of steps a PDF file should be processed through. Each step can be a preflight profile, a single preflight check or a fix or an action (such as saving images, creating a booklet…). Process plans allow for generating preflight reports based on the result of each step. It is also possible to jump between different steps based on the results of a previous step.


        Whether a single pdfToolbox Server is used, or pdfToolbox Dispatcher shares the load across different systems, setting up and monitoring processing can be a complex task. pdfToolbox simplifies this by allowing remote configuration and remote monitoring of any pdfToolbox installation.

        All pdfToolbox Server management tools have been built into pdfToolbox Desktop. From the desktop application it is possible to start a local server or connect to one or more remote servers. This enables you to test preflight profiles or process plans locally and configure a remote server with them once you’re completely satisfied with what they do.

        Plus More...

        It can be used to impose PDF documents, automatically convert Office documents to PDF, generate thumbnails or preview images and more…

        • Optimize PDFs for mobile or web use: compress, crop invisible parts of images, convert to RGB...
        • Generate PostScript and EPS from PDF or create production-accurate thumbnails or preview images in TIFF, JPEG and PNG format
        • Use the full-featured imposition engine to create booklets, do a step-and-repeat or perform more complex imposition tasks
        • Split PDF files into separate documents or merge files together, secure PDF files with passwords or re-distill them to fix problems

        callas DeviceLink Add-on

        The callas DeviceLink Add-on is a comprehensive set of specially prepared DeviceLink profiles to perform color transformations of complete PDF files. This way the colors of a PDF file prepared for a different printing condition can be transformed to meet the needs of the actual printing condition.

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