Remote computer training using a standard web app

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WebEX allows us to do product training by controlling your computer remotely. No special software need be installed and works on both Mac and PC computers.

WebEX is an ideal solution for solving a problem by controlling your computer remotely and showing you menus and files as if we were sitting in front of your computer. We can show you how to measure charts and select appropriate settings all as if we were there next to you.

It's an excellent cost effective, immediate, resolution to your technical support issues.

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  • Remote Technical Support
      Resolve a problem quickly by having us do it for you!
  • Remote Software Training
      Watch your computer screen as we remotely control your computer to demonstrate a software's features/settings while listening to us explain on the telephone.
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  • No travel expenses
  • It's like having a consultant sit right next to you
  • Resolve technical support issues quickly
  • Excellent for beginners needing a directed resolution