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Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., X-Rite offers color solutions to provide better color workflow and help avoid expensive rejections of shipments. This U.S. company makes a variety of products to help you measure and manage accurate color. Its equipment is used in many types of businesses, including printing and packaging, cosmetics, textiles, manufacturing and more.

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At RPimaging, we offer a variety of X-Rite light booths and color measurement devices with X-Rite software. These products will pay for themselves in the long run with increased quality, productivity and efficiency. If you want to communicate color consistently, X-Rite will help you outshine the competition. Our array of X-Rite light sources includes desktop light booths, luminaires and replacements. We offer a range of X-Rite desktop light booths that will control colors and ensure that you and your customers are seeing colors under the same lighting conditions. Light booths such as the SpectraLight QC are available at discounted prices from RPimaging along with the solid support that we’re known for.

They'll save you money right from the start with their affordable pricing but will also save you hassles, time and money over time by letting you spot color differences before your customers do and reliably communicating correct colors. Overhead luminaires from X-Rite are high-end products that you can suspend above your viewing area or insert into a ceiling grid to give accurate simulated daylight so you can properly evaluate colors. We have these outstanding luminaires in styles to suit just about any need and budget.

In addition, RPimaging carries a full line of replacement bulbs, kits and filters for X-Right light booths and luminaires. Replacement lamp kits for Judge II, Judge QC, and several other light booth models are available. Keep a few spares on hand to make sure you are never caught short handed and to ensure that your operation won’t be interrupted.

i1Pro2 Solutions


X-Rite's popular i1 line offers a full range of calibration and profiling hardware, such as the multi-functional i1Publish Pro 3, i1Photo Pro 3 and the i1Basic Pro 3.

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X-Rite Calibration Hardware

Calibration Hardware

X-Rite's line of spectrophotometers, densitometers and colorimeters are robust enough for the demands of any job, but precise enough to give you accurate color you can rely on.

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Munsell Color Products

Munsell Color Products

Munsell is a trusted name when it comes to color. Get your Munsell products here.

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X-Rite ColorChecker Charts

ColorChecker Charts

Color charts and targets will help you determine the color balance in your system and use it to build a color profile. Color charts are used as standard for quality control, profile building and as a printing guide.

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X-Rite Color Management Software

Color Management Software

X-Rite provides your complete solution for creating profiles for all of your output devices, fine tuning profiles using lightness and supporting up to 8 output colors.

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X-Rite Lighting


If your light sources aren't industry standard, you're working in the dark! With standardized light sources provided in X-Rite's light booths such as the powerful & economical Judge QC, you can be sure your colors are clear and correct.

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Munsell Color Products


X-Rite is a trusted name when it comes to color. Get your X-Rite accessories here.

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