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Switzerland-based Ugra provides a variety of reliable products and services for the paper, publishing, and printing and packaging industries. At RPimaging, we carry Ugra proofing, software and quality control devices as well as other products that will help you improve quality control and press proofing.

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Ugra wedges and scales are tools that help you test for color and take control of color transformation during the proofing process. Ugra software products will meanwhile help you certify calibrated displays for soft proofing, proofs and prints. Quality control is crucial to the long-term success of any business, and quality control devices from Ugra will help you manage color quality for superior results. RPimaging carries an array of Ugra tools including abrasion testers and light indicators to improve quality control for printing during the proofing and production stages.

We also carry Ugra equipment to control the analogue plate-making process. The Ugra computer-to-plate products we offer will help you enhance your proofing process and printing tests.

Ugra Abrasion Overview

Quality Control Devices

These tools could be used for various color management quality control purposes

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Computer to Plate

Computer To Plate - CTP

These computer to plate systems are intended for controlling the analogue plate-making process. They make it possible to be used for evaluations in the proofing process and for printing tests.

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Fogra Media Wedge


These wedges and scales are meant to be tools for the testing of color and to check the control of the color transformation.

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These software products allow the possibility of certifying calibrated displays for soft-proofing, proofs and prints.

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Printing Press

Printing Press

These strips are for the quality control of printing during the proofing and production stages and could also be used in the press proof and/or off-press proof printing.

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