Founded in Germany more than 28 years ago, Techkon has become a global leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers and software solutions for print products. The company’s products are used widely by commercial and corporate enterprises in ink manufacturing and package printing. Techkon devices are quality German engineering and super measurement speed, accuracy and reliability for improved color results. RPimaging is an authorized Techkon dealer with experience in G7 qualification, ISO audits, and GMI qualifications.

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RPimaging offers a range of Techkon products, including spectro-densitometers such as the SpectroDens. This all-purpose modern measurement device is ideal for verifying proofs during the prepress phase of printing and will also let you ensure continuing quality control at the printing press. You can also use it to check paper and print products on delivery or in a color lab. It’s quick and easy to set up this device for any application, thanks to its individually adjustable display functions.

We also offer SpectroDens and automated scan SpectroDrive measurement systems from Techkon. The Techkon SpectroDens product revolutionizes automatic measurement of print quality on print control bars, color wedges and test charts, while the automated system boosts your productivity by providing automatic color and density capabilities to ensure print-to-print color accuracy through an entire press run. The new Techkon SpectroCheck available from RPimaging is a utility that helps ensure SpectroDrive and SpectroDens are measuring correctly.

For recording plate densities consider the Techkon SpectroPlate. This purpose-built printing plate measurement device precisely reads any screen size and technology and measures the right dot transfer on offset printing plates. It’s ideal for G7 or GRACoL press calibration. The SpectroPlate works with many of the latest process-less CTP systems.

RPimaging offers competitive pricing and experience to help you get the most out of your Techkon purchase. We can help you quickly achieve your G7, GMI, or ISO compliance in a short couple days. Contact us to discuss your project.