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Onyx Graphics has been helping customers achieve superior color and print quality since 1989, when it was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah. At RPimaging, we’ve been teaching customers and clients how to use this powerful software to improve their products since Onyx version 6. We are an authorized reseller of Onyx Graphics and can provide you the software as well as the training and expertise you need to use it to your maximum advantage.

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Our selection of Onyx Graphics software includes Onyx RipCenter, Thrive, Production House and PosterShop. Onyx Thrive gives you a simple browser-based interface that lets you control workflow anywhere to optimize output device productivity as well as operator productivity. The end result: the software’s many features will improve your workflow and increase productivity, accuracy and color quality. The new Onyx ProductionHouse 12 software is ideal for medium- and high-production environments. It’s particularly well suited to those generating custom color media profiles using inks and output devices such as grand format, large format and flatbed printers as well as cutters. Onyx PosterShop 12 meanwhile provides support for all your production printers with a uniform approach to controlling and simplifying color printing.


Onyx Authorized Reseller

RPimaging has been teaching Onyx softwares since Onyx version 6. We offer ongoing support to help our customers learn and feel confident with the Onyx products. Our expertise and knowledge of the Onyx softwares make us an excellent partner for your business.

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