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Just Normlicht

Since its start in Germany more than 30 years ago when it began manufacturing neon signs and light boxes, JUST Normlicht has established a reputation for quality products. At RPimaging, we carry a big selection of JUST Normlicht light booths and lighting solutions in a variety of styles and price points. That means you can find the right Normlicht product here to suit your needs and budget, whether you’re starting out with a small business or are an industry veteran working for a major multinational.

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We have JUST Normlicht light booths to suit any space and operation, from small to large. If you need to evaluate colors at a desk, take a look at our selection of JUST Normlicht desktop light booths. Small and compact, they offer big benefits by letting you easily check colors under a consistent light source. They’re prized by advertising agencies, prepress operations and others for many applications. For reviewing large press sheets and proofs, take a look at our JUST Normlicht floor-standing light booths. They can accommodate widths up to 60 inches and include convenient storage shelves for holding proofs. Will you be reviewing colors in a really large space, like a conference room? Then check out our selection of JUST Normlicht overhead lights. Available in wall as well as ceiling styles, these lights provide even distribution of light and are free of glare and shadows to provide peak performance. Some are available with dimming capabilities. At RPimaging, we also carry a full line of replacement bulbs for JUST Normlicht equipment so you can keep these quality devices operating at peak efficiency. Get a few spares and keep them on hand to avoid down time. In addition, we offer many innovative JUST Normlicht accessories, such as storage cabinets, trolley carts and much more, to help you to get the most out of your equipment and boost efficiency.

In addition to our wide section and competitive prices, RPimaging offers fast shipping and dependable service and support. We are available to answer your questions by phone or LiveChat, and all of the products we sell come with 30 days of technical support.

Color Communicator

Desktop Light Booths

Need a way to evaluate colors at your desk? Our affordable desktop light booths allow you to easily check colors under a consistent light source.

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Just Normlicht Floor Standing Light Booth

Floor Standing Light Booths

Need a large workspace to view press sheets and proofs? Floor standing light booths can hold up to 60" in width, plus have shelving to store proofs.

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Just Normlicht Overhead Lights

Overhead Lights

Need to light a large space for color viewing? Use overhead lighting to proof colors in conference rooms.

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Just Normlicht Overhead Lights

Light Tables

Be it for classical montage and retouching work, or for quality control on transparent copy – the light tables from JUST will definitely meet your requirements.

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Just Normlicht LED Lamps

LED Products

Transition to the future of color assessment with the world’s first ISO 3664:2009 compliant LED-based lighting systems and products. LED proofing lights simulate CIE D50 and D65. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, they dwarf that of traditional fluorescent lamps.

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Just Normlicht Wall Illumination

Wall Illumination

Wall Illumination is optimally suited for color assessment of large format. Posters, plots, or large-format prints can be easily fixed to the magnetic rear wall.

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Pantone Replacement Bulbs

Replacement Bulbs

Need to find replacement bulbs for your Just Normlicht light booth or overhead light? Just Normlicht provides high quality bulbs for their light booths, which are available in various sizes and wattage. If you're not sure which bulbs you need, please contact us!

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Proof Top


Need to increase the amount of light on your work surface or turn a desktop booth into a floor-standing booth? Here you'll find accessories to pair with Just Normlicht light booths.

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