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Anyone who works in printing knows both how satisfying and frustrating color can be. There’s nothing more frustrating than job bounced due to inadequate lighting. GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. has been developing and producing color proofing lighting systems for more than 30 years and is an authority in color matching assessment. GTI lighting system are designed for proofing and critical color viewing.

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RPimaging offers an assortment of GTI lighting systems to meet your needs. GTI desktop light booths are available in many sizes to proof pages, fabrics, metals that fits on your desk. For side-by-side comparisons and larger prints, GTI floor standing light booths are an essential addition to your business. Light booths can be ordered with multiple light sources and options such as file drawers and cabinets for storage. GTI overhead lights and wall luminaire system can be installed in both production areas and conference rooms. We also carry replacement bulbs for all GTI lighting systems along with accessories such as table stands, file drawers, wall panels and neutral gray paint.

RPimaging offers expert customer support, including live chat, telephone, email and remote computer support. We also offer both on-site and online training to help you learn how your new GTI lighting system works and integrate it into your workflow. Browse our selection of GTI systems or call us today to find a solution that meets your needs.

desktop light booth

Desktop Light Booths

GTI's desktop light booths save space by sitting comfortably on any desk while still giving maximum viewing quality. The convenience alone makes these booths a great deal!

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floor stand light booth

Floor Standing Light Booths

Free standing booths are great for a variety of purposes, two of which are viewing 60" proofs with the added bonus of including shelves for filing. Rugged and sturdy, they're built to order and arrive ready to meet every lighting need.

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overhead light

Overhead Lights

Whether it be for client approval or a large proofing table, GTI's overhead lighting options are second to none. Illuminating large areas with standardized light while not cluttering the office space is priceless. Certain models include a remote control for increased ease of control.

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wall illumination luminaire

Wall Illumination Luminaire

Luminaires are available in two styles. The GLE series has a thin profile which is ideal for conference rooms and design studios. The GLL series is designed for color viewing in production areas.

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light table

Light Tables

Be it for classical montage and retouching work, or for quality control on transparent copy – the light tables from GTI will definitely meet your requirements.

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replacement bulbs

Replacement Bulbs

Eventually all bulbs will dim and flicker, slowly dying out. To avoid costly downtimes, being prepared with replacement bulbs is essential. RPimaging sells replacement bulbs for all current generation GTI booths, and older models as well!

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Need extra lightbooth sidewalls, different styles of sorting cabinets or simply some Neutral Gray Paint? Look no further than the accessories provided by GTI!

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