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Purchase Enfocus software and upgrades from RPimaging, an authorized reseller of Enfocus products. PDF files are an important role in the digital printing, graphic arts and publishing industries. Colors that look fine when seen through a PDF viewer on your computer monitor can translate differently in print or worse not be able to print at all. Enfocus specializes in software for controlling PDF file quality and automating workflow.

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Two applications that go beyond standard preflight checking and proofing are Enfocus PitStop and Enfocus Switch. Enfocus PitStop is the latest in PDF quality control and editing software, with features such as automatic error detection, automatic corrections and manual editing. You can remove attachments, covert shadings to images, remove object level metadata and create action lists within the preflight profile editor. If you’re currently running an older edition of Enfocus PitStop Pro we have upgrades available for editions as old as version 5. Enfocus PitStop Server allows you to define rules and set "hot folders" for PitStop Pro Server to automatically check. Businesses that want to further automating their workflow should consider Enfocus Switch. It includes a core engine, and there are optional individual modules to configure workflow with third party applications, manage metadata, create job tickets, and more. You can even extend this workflow automation from your desktop to the customer’s with Enfocus Connect2Switch Automation Package.

RPimaging offers Enfocus certified onsite training to integrate and quickly get your company up to speed. RPimaging is an authorized Enfocus reseller and trainer partner. Call or contact us today and bring harmony to your color pages.

Enfocus PDF

PDF Validation Tools

Software offered by Enfocus which allows the easy creation, editing and validation of PDFs through every step of the production process.

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Enfocus Automation

Workflow Automation & Auto-Correction

Automate pre-press validation, workflow publishing and error correction through Enfocus's state-of-the-art software solutions.

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Enfocus Upgrades and Customer Loyalty


Purchase upgrades to our newest software from previous versions of the product or different products all together.

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