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ColorLogic's software options are modular and scaleable from high-quality monitor calibration, measurement correction tools,ICC profiling tools . and DeviceLink tools, including an fully automated color management server. In addition to our wide section and competitive prices, RPimaging offers fast shipping and dependable service and support. We are available to answer your questions by phone or LiveChat, and all of the products we sell come with 30 days of technical support.

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  1. ColorLogic ColorAnt 6

    From: $1,250.00

    To: $2,500.00

    ColorAnt is a software solution for the measurement data processing prior to profiling. Learn More

  2. ColorLogic CoPrA 6

    From: $990.00

    To: $10,000.00

    ColorLogic's CoPrA, color profile creation is not extraordinarily complicated. To get started in generating a ICC profiles, DeviceLink profiles, editing of an existing DeviceLink profiles, or SaveInk profiles, simply click on the icon and CoPrA will walk you through the steps to create high quality profiles for production.Learn More

  3. ColorLogic ZePrA 8

    From: $1,300.00

    To: $15,600.00

    ZePrA is a sophisticated color server for MacOSX and Windows. It allows to color convert PDF and Pixel files with ICC or DeviceLink profiles automatically. ZePrA closes the gap between manual color conversion and the use of a complex and expensive workflow solution efficiently. Learn More

  4. ColorLogic DeviceLink Open Profiles bundled with ZePrA

    From: $520.00

    To: $3,700.00

    DeviceLink Open Profiles bundled with ZePrA complement the use of normal ICC profiles, making it possible to specifically circumvent the weaknesses of color conversion based on an ICC profile for certain tasks. Learn More

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