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Chromix Curve3 Software

Chromix Curve3 Software

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Chromix Curve3 G7 Software is specially designed to make G7 implementation easy. With Curve3 you can easily calibrate and verify all your proofing systems and presses without the uncertainty of manually drawing curves and calculating RIP corrections.

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Introducing Curve3

Chromix revolutionized the color management industry when they launched the original Curve software that helped popularize G7. After this, they expanded on their original software by adding over 50 new useful features in their Curve2 software. It comes as no surprise that the new features incorporated into Curve3 make this new software completely worthwhile

Features Include:

  • Innovative multi-dimensional data smoothing
  • Special (CMYK+) ink calibration for packaging
  • Spectral VPR (applies curves to full-spectral data)
  • New black-point options for ink-jet and digital
  • Enhanced TVI calibration for European users
  • Intelligent error-reporting and resolution
  • User-specified starting calibration
  • User-defined control point lists
  • Expanded graphs & reports
  • Many more features to be announced

Curve3 also supports OneRun targets as well as Esko's PressSync® calibration scheme. OneRun target combine P2P and profiling targets into one, saving press sheet room and aiding G7 calibration of smaller presses. This software is released with an upgraded Curve3 Virtual Press Run (VPR) module. VPR simulates press runs, generating curved color measurements for ICC profiling and saving thousands of dollars. If you own the previous version of this software (Curve2), you can purchase an upgrade at 50% off MSRP.

Curve3 can run on Win 7/8 64bit versions as 32bit app. Curve3 is not a 64bit native app.

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