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PANTONE Hexachrome Consulting

PANTONE Hexachrome Print Process

Authorized Pantone Hexachrome Consultant

PANTONE Hexachrome is a radically different printing process when compared to traditional CMYK ink configurations. PANTONE Hexachrome certfied inks are brighter, cleaner inks with higher florescence making them appear more "punchy." The addition of Hexachrome certified Orange and Green inks expands the printable color saturation and range enormously. Adding orange and green inks to a regular CMYK setup does not comply with the Hexachrome printing standard. PANTONE has strict standards ink manufacturers need to meet to achieve Hexachrome certification for the ink set.

Continuous-tone images with lots of color, pastels, and especially skin tones are ideally suited for Hexachrome printing. But by far the biggest benefit is those who use multiple PMS (PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM) spot colors in print jobs. Hexachrome configured printing presses enable jobs with several spot colors to run under one ink configuration, allowing more jobs to be printed each day, without necessitating press wash-up between customer jobs.

PANTONE Hexachrome Consultant

There are several elements in a Hexachrome workflow that impact your ability to meet the program's minimum standard. RPimaging offers guidance in creating a workflow, based on color management, that exemplifies the benefits of the Hexachrome print process.

  • Best practices for builing Hexachrome ICC profiles and nColor workflows
  • Provide a solution for matching 4/C separated files in 6/C process
  • We reveal the short cuts to quickly capitalize on Hexachrome's benefits by minimizing make ready time and wastage.
  • Automated converting PDFs with vector and bitmap CMYK plus spot (bump) plate jobs seamlessly to the Hexachrome print process.
  • Configure a proofing solution for Hexachrome press separated files proofed to a inkjet proofer.

PANTONE Hexachrome Support

The PANTONE Hexachrome printing process is no longer officially supported by PANTONE. Don't worry though, we still offer Hexachrome services. Contact us today for the fastest route to printing PANTONE Hexachrome.