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    Techkon SpectroPlate Upgrade (Start to Expert)

    • SpectroPlate Start Features

      % Dot measurement

      This measurement function displays the geometric dot area of a raster screen in percentage. It is the ratio between the area covered with dots and the total area. A value of 50 % means for example, that half of the total area is covered with dots.

      Screen angle in degrees

      The 0°-reference for the screen angle display is parallel to the front side of the device.

      Screen frequency in l/cm and lpi

      SpectroPlate screen frequency in l/cm and lpi precisely reads any screen size and screen technology.

      SpectroPlate Connect Software included

      The included SpectroPlate Connect Software transfers data from the Techkon SpectroPlate to your PC. Displays transfer curves an measured values export to rips and Microsoft Excel. View and export high resolution images of Printing Plates.

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      SpectroPlate Expert Features (include SpectroPlate Start Features)

      Dot gain transfer curve

      Dot gain transfer curve shows the difference between measured dot value and reference value in a graph.

      Geometric analysis

      Geometric analysis function evaluates the geometrical properties of circles. The smallest and the largest diameter are analyzed and displayed. If there are 3 or more circles in the area the average diameter of the smallest and largest circles will be displayed.

      Memory for 100 data sets

      The measured data can be managed within the device and can be transmitted to the computer as well.

      Average measurement

      Average measurements are useful when the measurement patch is not uniform. Then it is advisable to measure at different spots of the measurement patch.

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      SpectroPlate All-Vision Features (include SpectroPlate Start and Expert Features)

      Measurement of Processless Plates

      Supports measurement of chemistry-free, processless plates with very low visible contrast

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