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    • Techkon SpectroDens

      Basic SpectroDens Features

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      Automatic Density, Gray Balance Measurement

      Spectrodens detect how much ink is concentrated in an area and inform ink density adjustment that will give the best color match. A unique report shows density variation across press along with adjustment for each section.

      Densities CMYK, Spot Color Density

      Both CMYK density and spot color density can be controlled to user preferences.

      Dot Gain, Dot Area, Contrast

      The device can determine solid ink density, percents dot area, gray balance and deltaE color datas which are critical for Pantone™ and important brand colors.

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      Ink Trapping

      A unique feature for saving ink. It removes the corners of detail from a letter forms, then during the printing, the ink naturally spread to the removed corners.

      Standard USB interface/ Wireless wifi communication(wifi optional)

      Has optional Wireless communication of measured values to the PC running Techkon SpectroConnect software, using standard WLAN network protocol (WiFi).

      Scan Single or Multiple Row Color Bars (Print Curve Density)

      No attachments are needed when scanning color bars up to 8 inches in length. There are 4 integrated guided wheel at the bottom of the machine.

      Printing Plate

      Beside energy and focus of the laser, dot gain is the most important information which has to be checked in plate exposure. Special plate measuring instruments working with video analysis have been developed for this application

      Slur and Doubling Value

      With the measurement function Slur and Doubling printing deficiencies, caused by inexact, geometrical transfer of the image from the plate to the paper can by evaluated.

      spectrodens expressomini
      Expresso Mini (Density Trend)

      Make sure that your solid ink densities are accurate and consistent by quickly and efficiently measuring and displaying individual solid ink densitiesin each ink zone throughout the color bar.

      • Intuitive Display - Easy to read graphic and numeric display of average solid ink density measurements throughoutthe color bar.
      • Quickly Identify Problem Areas - Displays individual solid ink densities throughout the color bar quickly identifying problem areas across the press sheet.
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      Advanced SpectroDens Features (include Basic Features)

      spectrodens package
      Supports M0-M3 Measuring Conditions

      LED light source supports M0-M3 measuring conditions in accordance with ISO 13655 enabling accurate measurement of print substrates that contain optical brighteners.

      CIELab, DEab, XYZ, CIE LChab

      The measurement function CIE Color Circle, (as well as CIELab, DEab, XYZ and CIE LChab), can be operated in absolute mode with DELTA ON or in comparison mode with DELTA OFF.

      CIE Color Circle

      The function CIE Color Circle shows the L*a*b*-color values as well. Additionally there is a graphic display and a color is shown as a spot within the color circle.

      spectrodens package
      Gracol G7TM - GrayGuide

      The TECHKON SpectroDens is the ultimate on-press quality control tool for printers calibrating and maintaining their printers based on the Gracol G7™ specification or customized G7™ settings.

      • Full Gray Scale Range - Measure the 25%,50% and 75% gray values.
      • Recommended Density Settings - Offers real-time C,M,Y recommended density adjustmentsto obtain neutral values according th G7™ specification.
      Remission Curve

      The SpectroDens is capable of showing the Spectral window which displays the relative spectral remission curve (Y axis) of the measured color for each wavelength (X axis).

      Ink Check (Color Guide)

      This feature checks whether the paper and ink characteristics do not allow to get closer to the reference standard.

      spectrodens expressomini
      Scan Multiple Patch Color Bars (Color and Density)

      Scan any color bar containing up to 54 patches; no guide bar required, 4 wheels keep straight alignment while scanning.

      On-board Memory stores up to 4,500 Colors

      Comes with the memory capacity of 1200 sample values and 300 reference values, if the color value is not in the memory, users can upload with the Windows software SpectroConnect.

      dE CIELAB, dEcmc, dE94, dE2000 - Displays Visual Color Difference

      Colors will change depending on the different light settings. The premium package offers the ability to see a color through dE CIELAB, dEcmc, dE94, dE2000.

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      Premium SpectroDens Features (include Basic and Advanced Features)

      CIE LChab, xyY, Luv, LCHuv, DIN Lab99

      The Premium-version of SpectroDens enables the display of additional color spaces, which might be used mainly in industries outside printing: CIE L*u*v*, CIE L*C*h* uv, CIE xyY and DIN Lab99.

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      ISO Check (Scan or Spot Measurements)

      ISO-Check compares measured density and L*a*b* color values against the ISO-12647-2 print industry standard and displays suggested density changes for more accurate and consistent color; can perform ISO checks in 3 seconds.

      Metamerism index

      Metamerism index function is the operation which measures the color distance between the two color samples under two exactly defined light sources to see if they match.

      Whiteness, Yellowness, Opacity

      SpectroDens Premium will display the whiteness index according to CIE and the yellowness index according to American standard ASTM D 1925.

      spectrodens expressomini
      Pass-Fail Tolerance

      Simple pass-fail display can be adjusted to customer specified color reference targets or color standards such as IGCMI and Pantone.


      From a series of single measurements Average values can be calculated and displayed. This function may be used when the surface of the sample has no even distribution of color.

      Media Wedge (Scan or Spot Measurements)

      The program module Media Wedge serves the fast, colorimetric analysis of the Ugra /Fogra Media Wedge. The software evaluates the color quality printed in colorimetric terms.

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