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    Just Normlicht


    Just Normlicht Color Viewing Light Professional


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    • Just Normlicht Color Viewing Light Professional

      Just Normlicht's Color Viewing Light Professional can be used to inspect 2D or 3D samples of various materials such as paper, fabric, or plastic. It is suitable for advertising agencies, photographic and prepress studios, large format printing applications, design firms, and anyone in the manufacturing industry. The Color Viewing Light's multiple illuminants make it ideal for detecting metamerism. The booth's interior panels are painted in neutral, matte gray (Munsell N7). A laptop can be used to conveniently create different light sequences, monitor the operation hours, or adapt the brightness. This unit is also capable of generating detailed color matching reports. Available in 5 different sizes.


          Smartphone Remote Control for CVL Pro
        • Five light sources:
          • D50
          • D65
          • Incandescent A
          • TL84
          • UV
        • Mixed-light function
        • LAN connection for remote control of booth by smartphone, laptop, or tablet using a remote app
        • 10 light sequences can be stored
        • Hour-meter tracks lamp operating hours for timely relamping
        • Dimmable lamps (except A) to adjust brightness


        Screenshot of Light Sequence Program
        Screenshot of Light Sequence Program

        The included software lets you program the light booth's settings so that it automatically goes through the sequence you specify: duration of sequence in sec.,dimming of illuminants in %, and which lights to mix, if any. The software can save up to 10 different sequences.


          Sample Holder
          45° Angled Viewing Surface
          Sample Holder with 5 Fixed Angles
          45° Angled Viewing Surface for CVL Pro

          5 ISO-Defined Angle Settings, 15" x 7"

          24" x 10"

          Progressive Angle Adjustment 0-60°
          Sample Holder with Variable Angle

          19" x 13"

          Series Comparison

          Functions CVL Advanced CVL Professional
          LAN Connection
          Storable Programs 1 10
          Dimming (except A)
          Storable Dimming via Presets
          Reporting Function
          Remote Control
          Operation Hours Meter
          Mixed Light Function

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