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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color

    Just Normlicht


    Case (25 Lamps) (discontinued)

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    • In order to establish optimum conditions for critical color evaluation throughout the complete digital workflow (the designer's color monitor workplace, the proofer in the prepress area, and the final print-out in the pressroom) it is necessary to create identical standardized lighting conditions.JUST lighting technology and Color Control Daylight 6500 Kelvin fluorescent tubes fully meet the requirements of ISO 3664:2000:

      • Tightest tolerance of color temperature (+/- 200 K)
      • Exact color coordinates (tolerance +/- 0,0005)
      • Even spectral power distribution
      • Maximum color rendering values, Ra8=98, Ra215=05,6

      Relamping Color Control Daylight 6500 Kelvin

      After approx. 2500 hours of service, fluorescent tubes diminish their color temperature. In order to provide consistently accurate and reliable viewing conditions, JUST Normlicht recommends relamping before 2500 hours.

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