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    F25T8/CM65 36in - GTI Replacement Bulbs


    • F25T8/CM65 - GTI T8 d65 Replacement Bulbs

      GTI Colormatcher 6500K Lamps

      To ensure the highest quality color rendition GTI has built the CM65. These GTI lamps provide high quality color rendering properties and produce unprecedented accuracy. In order to provide a more accurate simulation of true daylight the D65 bulbs not only include the energy in the visible spectrum, but also in the near UV area of the spectrum.

      GTI Graphiclite D50 and CMlite D65 fluorescent lamps are custom made to rigid specifications for optimum standards compliance and re-creation of CIE illuminants. The precise spectral characteristics and lumen output are subject to an exhaustive quality control process to assure that each lamp provides true full-spectrum, color balanced illumination and extremely accurate color rendition.

      The model number of the bulbs contain the size, wattage and type. For example: When looking at the model # F11T8/CM65. The first number 11 is equal to the wattage, T8 refers to the size of the bulb (1" Diameter), and finally the CM65 refers to the type, in this case the Color Matcher 6500.

      The T8 bulbs have a 1 inch Diameter

      Model Watts Length
      F11T8/CM65 11 watts 15" (38 cm)
      F15T8/CM65 15 watts 18" (46 cm)
      F17T8/CM65 17 watts 24" (61 cm)
      F25T8/CM65 25 watts 36" (91 cm)
      F32T8/CM65 32 watts 48" (122 cm)
      F40T8/CM65 40 watts 60" (152 cm)

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