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    Enfocus Switch 2019

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    • Enfocus Switch 2019

      Powered By Smart Automation

      Switch 2019 ensures that you are running your print business in the most efficient way possible , giving you the competitive advantage.

      • Find your jobs in an instant and use Job Finder boards to keep your production in check
      • Benefit from the latest technology to connect to modern external services
      • Open and edit jobs in their native application from within your web browser
      • Have up-to-date support for your Operating System
      • Simplify how you handle and update data in your Switch flows
      • Includes Core Engine (default 4 concurrent processing tasks)
      • Includes 1-year maintenance and support

      What is new in Switch 2019?

      Job Finder boards

      The new Job Finder feature is for everyone who needs to quickly find the status of a job, based on where the job is within a Switch flow.

      In a first step to achieving production transparency, and as a driect result from users, this feature includes customizable boards.

      It makes it easy to locate specific jobs in Switch flows, a task which would typically take a significant amount of time to complete.

      VIDEO: see how it works


      Connectivity with external services is now also possible through Webhooks. Aimed at script-writers, App creators and integrators, this essential new tool will transform the way Switch flows and scripts connect to external services.

      Simply put, Webhooks allow external applications or services to send notifications to Switch. For example, a notification could contain the status of a job or trigger an update when a new order comes in via the MIS system.

      VIDEO: see how it works
      Private data

      Private data is a powerful new feature for flow managers.

      Previously only possible through scripting, this new feature enables users to store, customize and manage specific data within Switch.

      Switch 2019 makes private data much easier to handle and readily availbalbe to both technical and non-technical users.

      VIDEO: see how it works
      One-click actions


      Building a flow is faster than ever in Switch 2019!

      Some of the most frequently used actions can now be triggerd by just one click:

                • Find jobs in a checkpoint
                • Edit and update jobs in native application from a checkpoint
                • Select and process multiple jobs at once
      VIDEO: see how it works
      Integrate with your systems and the latest OS versions

      Switch 2019 is fully supported on the latest operating systems, including:

                  • Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)
                  • Windows Server 2016

        Switch Modules

        Switch Core Engine

        The Switch Core Engine is the beating heart that drives your automation. It enables you to use job and file information to automate routing and processing. Core Engine offers the basic functionalities such as (sorting, renaming, splitting, merging, ... files).

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        Configurator Module

        The Switch Configurator Module allows you to integrate external applications (such as Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, HP SmartStream Production Center, PitStop Server…) into your Switch flows using “configurators” in order to further automate your workflows.

        There are many integrations available for a variety of applications areas, e.g. preflight, imposition, color management, ripping, proofing, image optimization, document archiving, etc.

        VIDEO: see how it works


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        Metadata Module

        The Switch Metadata Module enhances the use of metadata in Switch flows. In addition to Switch- specific metadata, you will be able to use metadata originating from other applications or that are stored in other formats other formats, such as XML or JDF tickets, that are common in the graphic arts industry.

        Metadata is information about the job or file that you are processing, such as its size, creation date, number of pages, paper type and author. In Switch, this information can be used to automatically route jobs, rename them and to make many other processing decisions.

        • XML pickup and JDF pickup are used to extract metadata from an external XML or JDF job ticket (usually submitted together with the job).
        • XMP inject allows you to add or modify XMP metadata to a job.
        • Opaque pickup helps you associate an arbitrary file with a job as metadata.
        • Export metadata allows you to extract internal metadata and to save it to an external XML file. You can then use the XSLT transform tool to convert the resulting output file to the format of your choice (XML, HTML or text).

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        Database Module

        The Switch Database Module provides a direct ODBC communication between any SQL datasource and Switch without the need for additional scripting.

        Take advantage of customer and job information residing in your estimating and scheduling system to automate tasks and eliminate redundant data entry by your staff. Connect your DAM and MIS. Use database values to populate drop-down menus in SwitchClient. Make intelligent routing decisions based on what is stored in the database. Allow intelligent updates, inserts, selects, and more.


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        Scripting Module

        Develop, execute and debug your own scripts via SwitchScripter, a Switch application that provides access to the complete Switch API. You can implement additional functions that meet your specific needs or build your own scripts to interact with scriptable third-party applications that are not supported by Switch.

        Run your custom-developed scripts in your Switch flows, using the Script flow element

        This module includes support for standard JavaScript classes, with additional classes for reading and writing files, reading and writing XML files, accessing databases, establishing SOAP/HTTP connections and many more.

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        Client Module


        The Switch Client Module connects users to your workflow. You can now add submit points for users to transfer jobs - entirely accessible via a browser. It also enables you to gather all the required metadata and still manually check jobs when needed.

        The Module comes with an open REST API, which not only facilitates integration with custom webpages, but also truly and entirely integrates Switch into your company’s environment.

        The Module also supports external Active Directory user management.

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        Web Services Module

        The Switch Web Services Module enables you to integrate Switch within your own web portal and open it up to the world. You can allow an unlimited amount of users to upload and download an unlimited amount of files from your own website.


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        Performance Module

        Switch Performance module boosts up the processing capabilities drastically. It allows user to work on 8 extra cocurrent processes, while normally the core engine offers only 4 cocurrent processes.

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        PDF Review Module

        New PDF Review Module module for Switch is a simple, but very powerful PDF approval tool with some unique functionality and primarily designed to automate and replace manual email proofing process.

        The PDF Review Module sends an email to a single customer, which can be designed in HTML and branded, and which will include a link. When this link is clicked, the customer’s default browser opens and the high resolution PDF file is loaded displaying the content with all the functionality required to approve or reject the job with confidence including overprint preview.

        Crucial for the customer is that nothing else needs to be downloaded or installed, nor is a user name or password required. The interface is dynamic supporting different designs for tablet and desktop viewing.


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        VIDEO: Discover What Switch Can Do For You

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