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    Enfocus PitStop Pro 2021 Annual Subscription

    Software license fulfillment is typically within 48hrs

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    • What’s New in the PitStop Pro 2021?

      Enfocus PitStop Pro
      pitstop pro 2020

      PitStop Pro 2021 is the all-purpose (and all-powerful!) tool for preflighting and editing PDF files without ever leaving Acrobat! Edit (text, images, objects, colors, page dimensions), repurpose, convert, optimize, certify and more.

      Pitstop 2020 New Features:


      • Make vectors from raster images
      • A huge time-saver for wide format printers
      • Color swatches in PitStop Inspector

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      Visually look for objects - PATENT PENDING

      • Using computer vision, PitStop will scan a document for certain objects
      • Verify branding, logo placement, etc

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      Overlay PDF

      • Overlay one multi-page PDF over another
      • Page-based check for bleed
      • 20 new action lists
      • Search and replace text

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Great, indisepensable tool!

    PitStop is definitely a must-have tool for prepress techs, and I wonder how I got by without for so many years! After subscribing for several months, I am overall pleased with the program and only have two suggestions for improvement:

    1) I cannot easily find a way to have the document media, bleed, crop and trim lines show up as a default. I finally found a way (after much searching) for them to appear, but it would be nice to have it set up as preference to always make them appear by default. Maybe there is a way to do that, but I could not find it in Preferences, and I could not find anything about that on online support.

    2)_The "Convert All Text To Outlines" doesn't always work. Not sure what it is about certain fonts that can't be converted if it they look clean and to be set as actual text in the PDF (as opposed to being an image). Improving that function so that it works every time would be a treat. :-)


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