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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

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    Beta Industries


    Beta Industries Ultra Dottie 2

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    • Ultra Dottie 2

      Automatic calibration assures excellent precision and repeatability. Easy to use. Upgradeable to better match your needs in the future. Three instruments for either conventional AM, AM/FM (Stochastic), or any combination with a fully searchable job/customer database.

        All CTP Calibration Versions Feature

        • Advanced LED Technology for Superior Speed and Mechanical Reliability
        • 100,000 Measurements Per AA Alkaline (2) Battery Set
        • No Charger Or Cables Necessary
        • The Simplest And Easiest To Use
        • FREE Technical Support For The Lifetime Of The Instrument

        Version Features

        • Basic - Includes the hardware operating in conventional screening mode on aluminum and black polyester plates. AM - Conventional screen halftone screening
        • Basic Plus - Standard AM, FM & Hybrid Screening measurement on aluminum and black polyester plates.
        • Advanced - Expands the capability of the instrument to include aluminum plates, polyester plates, color ink on paper, and halftone films on a light table. Adds FM (Stochastic) screening as fine as 10 microns measured with extreme accuracy. Conventional screening as fine as 400 lines per inch can be measured as well.

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