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    Beta Industries Beta Aniscope

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    • Beta Aniscope


      • Binocular and digital camera (1.3 MB) with software
      • Five Plan Achromatic microscope objectives included: 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 80x. An optional 4x objective is available for extremely coarse engravings and plates.
      • Factory calibration and automatic objective identification insure accurate measurements
      • Highest feature resolution at 80x ...
      • Illumination system features; Color filters, Polarizing filter, Field iris diaphragm, Aperture
      • Optional Software and hardware illuminator available for Flexo Mask and Flexographic Plate Halftone Analysis (Dot Area, Dot Diameter, Screen Ruling, etc.)


        Producing higher quality images than any other system on the market for either direct viewing or video capture, the Beta AniScope offers the widest range of magnifications; 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x to 80x. The rotating lens turret which allows for instant lens changes.Optional 4x and 100x lenses are available for special applications.

          The Beta AniScope’s plan-achromatic (flat field) lenses produce superb image quality when combined with the AniScope’s system of optical filters and polarized illumination.

            Unparalleled image sharpness and contrast enable the accurate determination and easy diagnosis of anilox conditions; thickened walls, dirty cells, and other common problems. The included software features on-screen measuring systems for width, length, angle and diameter.

              Fine motion controls in three dimensions give a wider field of view even at high magnification. Vertical motion on the Z axis is automatically measured with one micron precision and recorded directly to the system software. The Beta AniScope sits securely on rolls as small as 2.5 inches and flat plates as well.

                Anilox inspection has traditionally required expensive, complicated, and delicate equipment, or lacking that, rough estimates with crude methods. The new Beta AniScope solves these issues in a robust, much more affordable, easy-to-use system with impressive capabilities.

                  High quality flexo printing requires consistent performance from all components of the system; ink, substrate, plates, anilox and more. When color strength does not meet expectations and impression, viscosity, and the other usual suspects have been ruled out the anilox roll may be the culprit.

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