Pantone 3 Light Booth

    Pantone 3 Light Booth

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    The PANTONE 3 Light Viewing Booth help with adequate color identification early in the process, providing cost savings for production and optimizing time to market.

    Pantone Light Sources include:

    • D65 dedicated light source option for industrial applications
    • D50 dedicated light source option mainly for print and packaging applications
    • "A" Tungsten Halogen home lighting simulation lamp
    • Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) and TL84 store lighting simulation lamp options

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    Pantone 3

    The PANTONE 3 Light Booths can light your way to more effective and reliable color assessment for very specific lighting requirements when approving samples. Three things are required to realize color: Light. The Eyes and An Object. Without light, there is no color. Without controlled light, color can, and will, appear different. A metameric effect is where two different colors will appear the same under certain lighting conditions. Having a controlled environment such as Pantone Light-Booth helps identify these troublesome effects. PANTONE 3 Light Booths are stylish and complementary to any work space. They also deliver reliable daylight, store and home lighting options that will help you adequately identify color variations and metameric effects sooner than later.









    Pantone 3 Features

    Consistent, industry standard fluorescent illumination

    Consistent fluorescent illumination that complies with major international standards such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, ANSI and BSI visual assessment requirements.

    Simulate daylight, home and store environments

    Identify troublesome metameric effects

    Metameric effect is when two colors appear to match under one set of lighting conditions but fail to match in another, are often causes for product rejection if not identified early. Using three different lights from Pantone 3 Light Booths, users can detect metameric effects efficiently.

    Quality Built

    • Neutral background for accurate color viewing
    • Sized to fit well into most work spaces
    • Durable aluminum construction
    • Powder-coated finish for stain and scratch resistance
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • Shielded viewing area

    Hour counter

    Pantone 3 has usage meter ensures proper lighting quality.

    Long expected life span with warranty

    Pantone 3 is protected under a one-year warranty. Do not attempt to service this product yourself as unauthorized repairs will invalidate an active warranty of your unit.

    Convenient range of on-site and depot services

    Purchase of your PANTONE Light Booth grants you a convenient range of on-site and depot services.

    Additional Information

    Variant 1
    List price $1,495.00
    Type of Light Booth Desktop
    Proofing Type No
    Number of Light Sources 3 Different Light Sources
    Viewing Area (H x W x D) 15*25*18.5 inches
    Product Actual Weight No
    Physical Size (H x D x W) No
    Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor