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    We also offer custom consulting and training services for commercial, digital, flexo, web, and grand format printing markets.





    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color

    Immediate Color Management Support

    Immediate Color Management Tech Support

    Immediate Support

    Live Chat

    Need an immediate answer? Chat with RPimaging experts to get a quick answer to your problem. We are available on live chat during normal business hours on the east and west coast. We're "Your Personal Color Consultants," use our instant live chat available only at

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    Remote Computer Support

    Let us take a closer look at your specific problem. When we can't answer your question effectively with Live Chat our Remote Computer support is available as a cost effective alternative. A simple automatic configuration of your web browser allows us to view your computer screen like we were sitting next to you.

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    Telephone and Email

    Online Training

    Our renowned expertise in color management and proofing training is available online for a fraction of the cost. We offer training and webinars in ICC profile creation, color workflows, the G7 method, RIP software, and applications like Adobe and Quark. Our Online Training is like having a personal color consultant right next to you.

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