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    We provide consulting and training for commercial, web, digital, flexo, and grand forma printing markets.





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    We provide consulting and training for commercial, web, digital, flexo, and grand forma printing markets.

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    G7 Certified Expert Training and Certification Services

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    What is GRACoL 7 or G7?

    GRACoL 7 a recommendation for quality sheetfed printing. The GRACoL specification offers guidelines for common commercial printing unlike the ubiquitous SWOP print conditions which describe magazine (publication) printing. G7 refers to a print calibration process. G7 print calibration method can be used on printing technologies other than printing presses like grand format, flexographic, and screen printing technologies.

    Gracol Test Chart

    Benefits of the G7 Process:

    • Harmonize color balance among multiple printing technologies
    • One set of plates works on any G7 qualified press
    • Correct color bias of printing system with non-process inks 
    • Allow similar visual appearance in Web, Sheetfed, Newspaper, Flexographic, and Inkjet printing technologies
    • Reduce your consumable waste and make-ready time while providing a superior color product
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    Why Hire a G7 Certified Expert?

    The quickest way to ensure you are correctly printing using the G7 method is with a G7 Certified Expert. G7 Certified Experts must pass the IDEAlliance certification program to ensure competence and correct implementation. RPimaging, INC was among the first group of experts certified in 2006. We have certified numerous sheetfed, web, and grand format printing shops. Our years of experience dramatically reduce your integration time. 

    The IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer program ensures commercial printers are correctly using the G7 press calibration process. RPimaging, INC is an authorized qualification agent for IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer Program and offers consulting services to attain the baseline metrics and retail sales of supplemental equipment needed to meet the program requirements.

    Gracol G7 Experts Certified Training
    Gracol Measurement Process

    Implementing G7 at Your Shop:

    • Verify you have tools needed to meet the recommendation
    • Tune your CtP or RIP curves for optimum gray balance and color appearance matching
    • Correlate spectrophotometric measurements back to density readings
    • Validate press conformance and set production tolerances

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can I Use G7 Process at My Business?

    Learn advanced techniques that build upon your strong foundation in densitrometric press measurement of solid ink densities (SID), tone-value-increase (TVI) or dot gain, now incorporating spectral color measurements for neutrality refinement.

    Your press operators will easily incorporate this new approach without additional complicated steps. RPimaging, INC has helped many printing companies quickly integrate the G7 press calibration method in days.

    My Clients Ask for SWOP Proofs. Why Should I Consider GRACoL?

    If you are a commercial printer or creative and wish to proof attainable computer-to-plate or direct-to-press printing then GRACoL (2007) is a better target. Calibrating proofers and presses to attainable exceptional quality printing improves communication between designers and printers. SWOP proofs on the other hand simulate a lower quality, different printing technology. SWOP proofs should only be requested if the print job will be in magazine publication printing.

    A key benefit of the G7 Print Process is the mid-tone contrast scaling based on the paper color. This method improves visual contrast (dot gain) across printing presses of different ages and manufacturers. A growing list of printing companies have successfully implemented the G7 Print Process with printing technologies including Web, Sheetfed, Newspaper, Flexographic, and Inkjet.

    What is the G7 Print Calibration Method?

    The G7 print calibration method uses spectrophotometry to track neutrality for improved hue and gray matching. Therefore a key component of the G7 Print Process requires a spectrophotometer. A densitometer can be used in production printing but not in calibration runs.

    Start Printing G7 in Days not Weeks

    RPimaging, INC is uniquely suited to providing supplemental color measurement equipment and G7 Certified Expert training to help you quickly adopt the G7 method in days.

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