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    G7 Certification Service

    G7 Certification Service

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    Tired of spending time and money on color correction?

    • Are your clients demanding g7 certification?
    • Do you want the certainty of printing consistent color?
    • Frustrated with the differences in color between your computer and what’s printed out?

    G7 can help.

    G7 refers to a print calibration process.
    The G7 print calibration method can be used on printing technologies other than sheetfed printing presses like grand format, flexographic, and screen printing technologies.

    The G7 print calibration method uses spectrophotometry to track neutrality for improved hue and gray matching. Therefore, a key component of the G7 print process requires a spectrophotometer. A key benefit of the G7 print process is the mid-tone contrast scaling based on the paper color.

    A key benefit of the G7 Print Process is the mid-tone contrast scaling based on the paper color. This method improves visual contrast (dot gain) across printing presses of different ages and manufacturers.

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    Implementing G7

    How Can I Use G7 Process at My Business?

    • Learn advanced techniques that build upon your strong foundation in densitrometric press measurement of solid ink densities (SID), tone-value-increase (TVI) or dot gain, now incorporating spectral color measurements for neutrality refinement.

    My Clients Ask for SWOP Proofs. Why Should I Consider GRACoL?

    • If you are a commercial printer or creative and wish to proof attainable computer-to-plate or direct-to-press printing then GRACoL (2007) is a better target. Calibrating proofers and presses to attainable exceptional quality printing improves communication between designers and printers. SWOP proofs on the other hand simulate a lower quality, different printing technology. SWOP proofs should only be requested if the print job will be in magazine publication printing.

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