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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color

    EFI Colorproof Options

    Color Manager Option

    Add the Color Manager Option to your EFI Colorproof XF workflow for an integrated, all in one suite of sophisticated ICC based tools for managing colour from printer calibration to ICC paper and reference profile creation. With EFI Color Manager you can create consistent, predictable proofs optimised for the unique characteristics of the local proofing printer and the final output device or process so that you can meet all your digital proofing and photographic needs.

    EFI Colorproof XF features the EFI LinTool. Its professional printer linearization technology provides you with the foundation for an accurate, repeatable ICC workflow. Used in conjunction with color measurement equipment, the EFI LinTool ensures accurate, consistent proofs. Printer re linearisation by measurement re establishes the printer s output characteristics after a print head or cartridge change, or takes into account changed environmental conditions.

    Color Verifier Option

    In today s digital workflow, client, pre press house and printer can be in the same city, or on different continents so it s vital to be able to guarantee that everyone is looking at the same color.

    EFI Color Verifier is a simple to use quality assurance solution that measures and compares color values from proof to proof, print to print, proof to profile, or print to reference. With EFI Color Verifier you can ensure consistency between a reference print and subsequent prints; check that your proofs match your prints; or check that your proofs comply with a key standard such as ISO 12647.

    OneBit Option/Dot Creator Option

    When colour is critical, clients and print producers alike need all the guarantees they can get that the proof and the final print match each other. And that means seeing screened proofs. Depending on the application, and the degree of security required, EFI Colorproof XF offers two options to produce screened output the EFI OneBit Option, and the EFI Dot Creator Option.

    • OneBit Option
      • With EFI OneBit, you can create ICC based colour accurate contract screened proofs on a drop on demand (DOD) inkjet printer working with the same data that will drive the final output device.
    • Dot Creator Option
      • With EFI Dot Creator, you can apply screening to continuous tone files to create the "look and feel" of offset.

    Production Option

    With the Production Option, companies can create new revenue streams by transofmring their large format printers into fast, profitable solutions that offer additional services such as poster and banner production. The option also provides cutting edge production features such as expanded step and repeat functions for easier and quicker pattern creation and the tiling function that facilitate processing of print jobs that are larger than the printer width. It also enables users to make real time color adjustments.

    Fiery Option NEW!

    Now including five licenses! With the new Fiery Option, EFI combines the groundbreaking Fiery and Colorproof technologies. Now, you can extend your proofing capabilities, while harnessing the power, performance and speed of Fierys features. By making your Fiery driven device part of your Colorproof XF workflow, you can:

    • Print your proofing jobs directly from Fiery driven devices. You also can choose to put your print jobs in the EFI Command WorkStation, enabling you to apply job specific settings and initiate reprints.
    • Build multi purpose printer pools from inkjet and laser/led printers and Fiery driven devices. This feature provides the flexibility for contract, content and concept proofing as well as digital print production.
    • Use EFIs proven Best Color Technology such as Colorproofs LinTool, Color Manager Option and Color Verifier Option to do linearizing, characterizing and color verifying on Fiery driven devices.
    • Create and control your multi printer environment using only the Fiery Option for contract, content and concept proofing and digital print production.

    Gravure Option

    A new feature to the EFI Colorproof XF, helping businesses close the gap between design and the electromechanical engraving system. This option outputs separated grayscale TIFFs, so users can engrave gravure cylinders.

    Add Color Measurement Device:

    • EFI ES 1000 spectrophotometer
      • Easy to use spectrophotometer based on the GretagMacbeth Eye One Pro spectrophotometer
      • Includes pathfinder ruler

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