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    About SpotOn!


    After Bruce Bayne, color management and G7® Expert, had completed several G7 installations and training sessions, he realized there were no relevant tools available for tracking and measuring press conditions to the G7 process.

    In July of 2006, Bayne created a spreadsheet in Excel to help track and manage the data collected to using an i1 Spectrophotometer.  He introduced the spreadsheet while consulting in printing facilities.  It was immediately understood and valued by press operators, who saw it as a powerful visual tool for managing conditions on the press.  As interest grew, Bayne decided it was time to fully develop an application to meet the needs of the market and expand the spreadsheet’s functionality to include a database and trending charts.  The result was SpotOn!.

    In March of 2008, SpotOn! was released into Beta testing, then officially released in May of 2008.  Currently SpotOn! is being used by ink manufacturers, medium and large size print shops, photographers, content creators, large format printers, & color management professionals.

    SpotOn! is now a suite of calibration and process control software tools for any printed materials.  Printers and consultants use SpotOn! to calibrate presses using the G7 method.  Grand format printers, prepress shops, ad agencies, designers, and photographers use SpotOn! tools to verify prints are within tolerance to specification.

    SpotOn! Press is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and has dealers around the world.


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