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GTI Munsell Neutral Gray N7/N8 Paint - PINT

(N7/P)  785

Standard Gray Neutral Paint -- PINT

This paint is ideal for use in color viewing areas which require Munsell N8 or N7 gray surround as specified by ISO 3664:2000. This paint is specially formulated to have a flat spectral response without any color bias. Standard Gray Neutral 7 and Standard Gray Neutral 8 are water-reducible vinyl latex paints available in one gallon or one pint cans, for convenient application by roller, spray gun, or brush.

One gallon provides an approximate coverage of 450 square feet per gallon. Any latex primer can be used to prepare the walls.

Purchase a GALLON of GTI Munsell Neutral Gray N7/N8 Paint.

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    Our Price: $40.00