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Just Normlicht LED Virtual proofStation Side-by-Side XT

(201490)  2680

The Virtual proofStations have all you need for the modern soft proof workflow. From dimmable and switchable D50/D65 LED luminaire, monitor rails, all the way to a pull-out keyboard and a USB interface – they come with everything for reliable color matching from prepress to press. n addition to the regular color matching station, the Virtual proofStations are also available as LED Virtual proofTop, Virtual proofStation, side-by-side Basic, side-by-side XT .The side-by-side permit parallel viewing of multiple or large printed sheets. Choose the station that suits your needs.

NOTE: Two side-by-side XT can be combined to make a proofStation that is suited for large flat viewing samples


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Our Price: $8,990.00

    Our Price: $8,990.00