GTI VPI-40

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    The GTI VPI-40 Vertical Print Inspector is a specially designed D50 viewing station for the controlled color inspection of large format digital images. Different models include:

    • VPI-40: Vertical Print Inspector with 40" x 45.25" viewing area
    • VPI-40/D: VPI-40 with digital dimming-upper luminaire only
    • VPI-40x: VPI-40 with lower luminaire. Includes side walls.
    • VPI-40x/D VPI-40 with digital dimming-upper & lower luminaires. Includes side walls.

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    GTI VPI-40

    The VPI-40 is the ideal viewing system for wide format color appraisal with the viewing area of 40″ x 45.25″. The unique design includes magnets to hold up any size print plus floor casters to allow the unit to be easily moved to wherever you need proper viewing conditions. All models include the LiteGuard II which displays warm up, hours used, hours remaining, and when relamping is required.

    An observer standing at a comfortable distance from the GTI Vertical Print Inspector can take in the entire image for visual comparison with a color monitor image, color transparency, or reference print.

    VPI Features:

    • Conforms to ISO 3664 light quality
    • Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamp output
    • Aluminum high efficiency reflectors
    • Light Guard II Viewing System
    • Spectrally neutral, non-yellowing diffusers.
    • Wheels that make it easy to move
    • Print Bar
    • Displays large images up to 40in wide

    Additional Information

    Variant 1
    List price $2,895.00
    Type of Light Booth Floor Standing
    Proofing Type No
    Number of Light Sources 1 Light Source
    Viewing Area (H x W x D) 45.25in x 40in
    Product Actual Weight 90lbs
    Physical Size (H x D x W) 85.5in x 33.5in x 42in
    Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor