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GTI PDV-3e Desktop Viewer

(PDV-3e)  2112

The PDV-3e Professional Desktop Viewers provide Industry Standard D50 color viewing conditions right on your desktop! These accurate color viewers utilize innovative, energy efficient slim-line T8 Graphiclite lamps and multi-voltage electronic ballasts.

  • PDV-3e: Base PDV-3e model
  • PDV-3ex: PDV-3e with lower luminaire & side walls
  • PDV-3e/D: PDV-3e with full range dimming feature
  • PDV-3e/Dx: PDV-3e/D with lower luminaire & side walls
  • PDV-3eTR: PDV-3e with GLE-16 transparency viewer & raised base
  • PDV-3eTR/D: PDV-3eTR with full range dimming feature

All PDV-3e models come with magnetic rear wall plus 2 GTI magnets.

16.5" x 25.3" vertical viewing area

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