GTI GLL-M3/32e Multisource Luminaire

GTI GLL-M3/32e Multisource Luminaire

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The GLL-M3/32e is GLL-e style luminaire with three T8 48"light sources (D50, CWF, Inca A or other sources).

GLL-e luminaires must be hard wired into individual power circuits (one for each light source) and do not have a built in light control selector.

The GLL series has long been an essential fixture for many color production areas. (Symmetrical only)

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GTI GLL-M3/32e Dual Source Luminaire

The GTI GLL-e Style Luminaire with Two Light Sources is a symmetrical light source to illuminate just about any sample. GLL-e series overhead luminaires are helping color and appearance professionals everywhere to optimize their visual inspection process.




Wireless Remote Control Application

Remote control installations require a luminaire with a wireless remote control & receiver. The luminaire is equipped with a wireless receiver, wireless remote control, plus two output connectors which can be used to control additional luminaires. It also includes the GTI ColorGuard II lamp timing monitor and digital light source control.


Multiple Unit Application

Multiple luminaire installations, for large area or color matching rooms, can be operated using the remote control or any of the luminaire mounted digital light source controls. Each wireless multiple fixture installation requires one remote control luminaire (any of the WRC models).

Additional Information

Variant 1
List price $1,690.00
Type of Light Booth Overhead Hanging Luminaires
Proofing Type No
Number of Light Sources 3 Different Light Sources
Viewing Area (H x W x D) 30in x 52in
Product Actual Weight 60lbs
Physical Size (H x D x W) 5.75in x 23.75in x 48.75in
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor