GTI GLL-DSe Dual Source Luminaire

    GTI GLL-DSe Dual Source Luminaire

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    The GLL-DSe is GLL-e style luminaire with two T8 48"light sources (D50 & D65 or other sources).

    GLL-e luminaires must be hard wired into individual power circuits (one for each light source) and do not have a built in light control selector.

    The GLL series has long been an essential fixture for many color production areas. (Symmetrical only)

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    GTI GLL-DSe Dual Source Luminaire

    The GTI GLL-e Style Luminaire with Two Light Sources is a symmetrical light source to illuminate just about any sample. GLL-e series overhead luminaires are helping color and appearance professionals everywhere to optimize their visual inspection process.



    Additional Information

    Variant 1
    List price $1,310.00
    Type of Light Booth Overhead Hanging Luminaires
    Proofing Type No
    Number of Light Sources 2 Different Light Sources
    Viewing Area (H x W x D) 30in x 52in
    Product Actual Weight 64lbs
    Physical Size (H x D x W) 5.75in x 23.75in x 48.75in
    Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor