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    X-Rite 962 Portable 0/45 Spectrophotometer

    Aperture Size

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    • X-Rite 962 Portable 0°/45° Spectrophotometer

      The 962 Portable 0/45 Spectrophotometer allows you to obtain absolute and difference measurements in the lab, plant, or field for a wide range of colorimetric systems, including: CIE XYZ, CIE Yxy, CIE LAB, Hunter LAB, CIE LCH, CMC, CIE94, Whiteness and Yellowness per ASTM E313-98, Metamerism Index and DIN 6172.


      The X-Rite 962 features an easy-to-read graphical LCD display and a pass/fail mode that measures against up to 1,024 standards with tolerances that can be stored for easy pass/fail measurement. Its unique Project Mode enables the collection of multiple color standards under an identified project as part of a corporate color standards program. The 962 is available in three models, distinguished by their measurement area: 962 (7mm), 962S (4mm), 962L (15mm)



      962 Advantages:

      • Easy to read, large graphical LCD display.
      • Special PROJECT Mode - multiple color standards can be collected under an identified project as part of corporate color standards programs.
      • Up to 1,024 standards with tolerances can be stored for easy pass/fail measurement.
      • Interchangeable Apertures - measuring geometrics can be changed to accommodate a range of samples.
      • Superior agreement capabilities ensures integrity of multiple-instrument color control.
      • Device measures opacity, color strength in chromatic, apparent, and tri-stimulus calculations, and 555 shade sorting for precise color control of products involving plastic, painted, or textile materials.
      • A wrist strap and tactile side grips facilitate holding and a flip back target shoe adds flexibility.
      • Rechargeable battery allows for remote use.

      Accessories Provided:

      • Calibration standards
      • Operation manual on CD-ROM
      • AC adapter
      • A carrying case
      X-Rite 962 Spectrophotometer In Use

      962 Options:

      • Aperture kits for alternate spot sizes
      • Remote battery charger
      • Replacement rechargeable battery packs
      • Fixtures and accessories for standardized sample measurement
      • UV filter 968-61-08E
      X-Rite 962 Spectrophotometer In Use

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