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    • SpotOn! Verify

      SpotOn! Verify

      SpotOn! Verify is both an internal quality control tool and an external vendor or customer verification tool that indicates whether prints or proofs are being produced within specified tolerances. SpotOn! Verify can be used to evaluate any printing process where a test target can be printed and measured. It stores all measurements in a database which can be filtered and searched to allow a user to recall recorded data at a later date.


      One of the unique features of SpotOn! Verify is the built in functionality which allows a user to take paper color into consideration. It is important to be able to match the paper white to the reference data since paper can have a significant affect on the appearance of a printed piece. Ultimately, it makes the data useful when printing on paper that does not meet the paper white of the Reference Print Condition (i.e. GRACoL or SWOP) data set


      SpotOn! Verify aims to help those interested in improving printing accuracy, increasing customer satisfaction, and differentiating their production quality from others in their market. Verify easily identifies variations and changes in the printing process and if they are within specified tolerances to any reference including GRACoL or SWOP. Grand format printers can track the consistency of their printing devices to a shop standard and Verify will help determine when it is time to recalibrate. Anyone providing proofs will also appreciate the ability to attach a passing proof sticker on each proof sent to customers. Sales staff will be confident they are providing their customers with the highest quality proofs. The result is reduced downtime (since calibration issues can be caught early), greater confidence in the production department, and a marketable quality difference.

      Key Features

      • True dynamic G7 reference or static G7 based on GRACoL or SWOP reference data
      • i1 Pro 2 instrument support
      • Mac and Windows platforms
      • Adapt reference to substrate
      • Standard and custom Control Strips (single & multiple rows)
      • Import CGATS measurement from other instruments
      • Convert measurements into custom reference
      • Simple and easy to use
      • All data stored in a searchable database
      • Track job-by-job or by printing device
      • Job and device reports
      • Print proof verification sticker
      • Custom tolerance sets
      • Use your own company logo on reports and sticker
      • Use reference CGATS data and/or ICC profile for reference
      • Weighted and non-weighted G7 metrics
      • Many metric options to customize tolerance sets for best visual match assessment
      • Meta data field presets to simplify entering meta data and reduce any errors

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