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    Printing United Color Management Boot Camp - ONLINE

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      PUA online bootcamp


      PRINTING United Alliance is the new entity formerly known as SGIA. Several years back SGIA introduced a new printing industry color certification, called SGIA Digital Color Professional, specifically for the wide and grand format printing markets. RPImaging is hosting this training class to teach the best methods for color managing printing devices, and preparing attendees for qualification and/or certification in PRINTING United Alliance program.


      Online Class-1
      Online Class-2
      Online Class-3


      What you will learn:

      • Color management theory and universal concepts
      • North American print standards and specifications
      • How to choose a target to match
      • The process for matching your target
      • Requirements for establishing an accurate soft-proof on monitors
      • How to prepare art files properly
      • How to control both process and spot color using color management in RIP
      • Best practices and hands-on instruction for linearizing devices
      • Utilizing the G7 neutral gray calibration
      • Proven methods for creating ICC profiles (especially for ink savings)
      • Software for viewing ICC profile gamuts and quality control
      • Options for how you can verify that your color is accurate

      What's included:

      • Workbook of all slides to make notes
      • A link to take the online PRINTING United Alliance Qualified Digital Color Professional Exam
      • Submission fee for sending the control print (after passing exam)

      Previews of our online class:

      Asking questions is a first step towards filling your knowledge gaps and resolving puzzlement. After every color management topics there will be Q&A session.

      Discussion between the instructor and students help students learn from one another but also help students understand and retain the lecture better. We'd love to hear your views and opinions.

      Once the class is over, you will take an exam to test what you've learned. If you pass the exam, you will be provided with a pdf to verify and proof out on your production machine.

      Your feedback is valuable to us, as we work to improve both our products and our services to you. If you have any suggestions, recommendations, questions, complaints or compliments, please fill out the survey form at the end of class.

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