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    We provide consulting and training for commercial, web, digital, flexo, and grand forma printing markets.



    Enfocus PitStop Server 2020 Upgrade

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    • pitstop server 2020

      What’s New in the PitStop Server 2020?

      pitstop pro 2017

      1 Year Maintenance & Support included

      The latest version of PitStop Server is all about making life easier, saving time and providing additional advanced editing functionality – PitStop 2020 ensures a print-ready PDF file every time!

      New Features:

      New XML report

      • PitStop Server gains a new XML report (v3). This report was developed in conjunction with other channel partners, customers and integrators.
      • The new XML structure makes the report much easier to work with when using XPaths and parsing the report for data.
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      Extend Rasterize Selection - Separate Images

      • It is now possible to create a separate image for each individual object being rasterized.
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      Select by PDF Version - PDF 2.0

      • Allows the selection of files based on their PDF version. Adobe PDF Extension levels are now supported.
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      Change PDF Version - PDF 2.0

      • Allows the PDF version to be changed in the header file of the PDF, and now supports PDF 2.0. Please be aware this only changes this value, and does not change any aspects of the PDF itself.
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      Overlay PDF

      • Overlay one PDF document over another PDF document. The overlay file (the source) can be pulled from a file path or a variable.
      • The position of the overlaid file can be determined by selecting a page box to be used for alignment and position. The source and target files can be position by matching the defined boxes for both documents.
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      Better integration with Switch

      • The new PitStop Server configurator brings the familiar PitStop Server interface to Switch.
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      Check Page Bleed

      • A brand new technology that utilizes computer/machine vision to check for bleed. The previous check worked only on individual objects, so it was prone to give false errors. This new check works on a page basis, so it only reports an issue if an element close to the trim box does not have any bleed to reach the bleed box.
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      New check for minimum printing dot

      • This check identifies very light tints that may cause trouble in production, the threshold value is configurable, and the check is designed to check each separation separately.
      • Very useful for identifying scum dots, and also for users who prepare files for Flexo printing.
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      Pantone Color Actions

      • Pantone colors continue to be a challenge for users, particularly with the different CMYK and Lab alternate colors that are available in the market from different versions of applications.
      • We have added new functionality that allows more control over Pantone colors, enabling users to automatically rename color names to the correct Pantone format, and also map colors to the correct Pantone libraries of their choice, using the official Pantone color breakdowns
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      Color type report

      • A special new chapter in the PitStop preflight report that emulates a DFE and tells a user if pages are empty, black and white or CMYK.
      • This is especially useful for customers who pay click charges on their digital print engines.
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      VIDEO: PitStop Server Dashboard

      Pitstop 2020Watch Video

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