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    We provide consulting and training for commercial, web, digital, flexo, and grand forma printing markets.





    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color

    We provide consulting and training for commercial, web, digital, flexo, and grand forma printing markets.

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      Onyx Thrive

      What is ONYX Thrive?

      Thrive provides a simple to use browser-based interface for workflow control anywhere, which optimizes both operator and output device productivity. With a wide array of features your workflow will benefit from increased productivity, accuracy and color quality.

        Onyx Advantage

        • Security - Comes from knowing you will always have the most current technology from ONYX
          • Always have access to the latest developments
        • Peace of Mind - Knowing you have access to new printer drivers, new product features or functionality, and product training which are all included in the contract price
          • Avoid surprise costs and secure your investment
        • Value - An amazing value when compared to acquiring features and services separately
          • Access to ONYX software upgrades, versions and releases
          • Availability to new and existing printer drivers*
          • Access to ONYX on-demand videos covering product training and application support
        • Live! Web-based Training - An easy way to get up to the minute training
          • Customers with active ONYX Advantage contracts receive unlimited, complimentary web-based training.
        Onyx Hub

        Onyx Hub software is a business intelligence tool with a browser-based dashboard that provides easy-to-understand, smart data across your entire site, enabling you to make better business decisions. With up-to-the-minute and historic ink and media waste reporting, you can better understand your costs, diagnose inefficiencies in your production and maximize profitability.

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        A set of process control tools for color accuracy, consistency and conformance to standards.

          Onyx Thrive Features

          • Adobe PDF Print Engine with Adobe Normalizer
            - PDF format acts as a container that can have any kinds of format inside. Anything that is not pdf is converted to pdf by nesting in order for thrive to process and print due to Adobe print engine.
          • Award winning 32-bit ONYX Color Engine
          • ICC profile creation
            with new Vivid Color gammut mapping - A tool that let users select Profile Provider, and choose one or several different Configurations to save time on the next usage.
          • Unique PowerChroma Black Generation with new GCR Plus and ink saving control
          • Easy recailbration tool
          • Highly automated color profiling with Black Diamond control
          • Built in Pantone Plus, RAL and HKS color libraries
          • Automated and manual named spot color replacement
          • White and specialty ink tools
          • Job Editor tool
            - Job Editor is a powerful tool that can change the size, orientation, color, and appearance of your images before processing and printing in the RIP-Queue.
          • Layout tool
            - Forms art board to mange the jobs.
          • Hot Back-Up Option
            - Onyx thrive purchase comes with a box that has its serial key. If for whatever reason the box becomes damaged or not functioning poperly, hot back-up option will provide user with a serial key for 30 days. This is essential in keeping the business running.
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            • Wide Printer
              - Printers that can be controlled by computers. They are able to support a maximum print roll width of between 18" and 100".
            • Grand Printer
              -Printers with capacities over 100." They are used to print banners, posters, trade show graphics, wallpaper, and more.
            • Quick Sets and unlimited hot folders
            • RIP-and-Print on the fly while ripping multiple files simultaneously
            • Smart 16-bit processing
            • Multi-Page PDF splitting
            • Automated nesting with rotation
            • Automated or custom tiling
            • Printer pooling with automated allocation of print jobs
            • Roll to Roll Cutting
              - Automated print-and-cut workflow
            • Flatbed Cutting
              - is ideal for designers and prototyping in offset printing, digital printing, packaging industry, fashion industry, as well as road sign making, stone and glass sandblasting and etching, and more.
            • Robust cut path management tools
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              • Unlimited Thrive Production Manager
                - Production Manager is an http service. It provides the ability to montior and control all jobs coming into the RIP-Queue station. Production Manager can be accessed through any computer, or other devices connected to the local company network, such as a tablet.
              • Network based site licensing
              • Distributable workflow modules
              • Add processing and printing capabilities independently
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