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    • PitStop2Switch

      Upgrade PitStop2Switch 2017 to 2018

      1 Year Maintenance & Support included

      PitStop2Switch is a powerful combination of Enfocus Pitstop Server and Enfocus Switch. PitStop Server can automatically check if the digital data required to print a job are all present and valid. Then with switch, users can eliminate errors, automate repetitive functions, and organize the workflows. It also has excellent routing and communication applications that monitor multiple file submission points including FTP/SFTP servers, email addresses and network hot folders.



      The Key Features of Pitstop2Switch

      Easy setup

      Both Pitstop Server and Switch are made from the same company Enfocus. The two applications are designed to work intelligently with each other to bring quality control and automation features to your PDF production process

      Automated Preflight & correction of PDF files

      Pitstop Server checks and corrects the the digital data required to print a job, this is essentially done to avoid problems in processing and printing content

      Automated repurposing of PDF files

      PitStop2Switch automatically convert between the HTML or PDF in cases when users don't have a PDF reader or need to keep the integrity of the HTML web page for others to view

      PDF transparency flattening

      Flattening may be necessary when printing, saving, or exporting to other formats that don’t support transparency. Pitstop2Switch can perform transparency flattening when you create PDF files

      PDF Color Management

      Harness PitStops'capabilities for full ICC color management and device link

      Automatic pickup/delivery from/to FTP and Email

      PitStop2Switch can fully automate delivery, sorting, routing, renaming, and archiving of production files, with notifications sent to all relevant parties that your jobs are ready to go

      Split and merge PDF files

      The newest version of Switch, Enfocus Switch 2017 is 7 times faster than before in splitting and merging pdf files

      Zip and unzip directories

      Switch 2017 Archive and Unarchive supports Zip files bigger than 4GB

      VIDEO: What's Pitstop2Switch?

      What's Pitstop2Switch
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