Chromix ColorThink Pro

Chromix ColorThink Pro

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Chromix ColorThink Pro adds major features to the award-winning ColorThink software toolset. While most tools have been updated and enhanced, the biggest changes are the Color Worksheet, the ColorSmarts Guide and in the Graphing and Profile Inspector tools.

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Chromix ColorThink Pro

Chromix ColorThink Pro Features

  • NEW! Underlying architecture allows integration across tools, supports up to 10- channel profiles everywhere!
  • Graphs have more detail, automation & features. Can be saved as images or movies.
  • ProfileInspector adds gamut volume, inking statistics, dot gain and the best curve analysis.
  • NEW! Color Worksheet opens a whole new world of learning and analysis. Models entire workflow to isolate color issues.
  • ColorSmarts Guide acts as your color consultant; performing tests and automating tasks.
  • Create device-link and abstract profiles from ANY multi-profile combination. Includes clean-black links.
  • Revolutionary ColorCast technology modifies existing profiles to have powerful build-in proofing capabilities. Overcome Photoshop limitations for proofing up to 10 channels!

The Color Worksheet

The Color Worksheet is a spreadsheet that understands color. Rows in the worksheet are for profiles, images, color lists and workflow information and columns are for color transformations, comparisons and delta-E calculations. The speadsheet effect is a multi-purpose tool with unlimited color evaluation configurations.

ColorSmarts Guide

A combination automator and teacher, the ColorSmarts Guide is like having a color consultant standing over your shoulder. Select from a list of tests, and the ColorSmarts Guide will perform them for you and present the results as a graph, worksheet or delta-E report. Over 20 tests are built into the Guide including:

  • Evaluate device characteristics such as gamut volume , linearity, calibration, metamerism, dot gain and others
  • Evaluate profiles for accuracy and neutral rendering
  • Create device link, abstract & ColorCast specialty profiles
  • Compare profiles' input and output capabilities and structures
  • Compare devices' gamuts, measurements, drift
  • Evaluate entire workflows to find color shift sources


2D graphing is great for learning and explaining the concept of color gamut, but 3D graphs truly help analyze colors and device behavior. With the latest Grapher, ColorThink quickly and seemlessly moves between 2D and 3D modes.

2D Graphing
  • Illustrate color gamuts and reproduction issues
  • Evaluate profile and device capabilities and suitability
  • show clients and coworkers gamut differences and printing issues
  • Graph profiles, colors, color lists, and images in 2D Lab, Luv, or Yxy coordinates
  • Add multiple profiles or lists on one graph by drag-and-drop
  • Graphically display gamut differences and potential problem colors using overlay feature
  • Quickly save graphs to the desktop for use in other applications

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